Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Crafty Stuff

Well, I said I'd try and include on here some of the 'craft' projects that I've done, so I thought I'd post a few pics. There really aren't that many! I need to pull my finger out and get on with some more things.

Anyway, this was the first big cross-stitch design that I attempted, way back in 1999! I'm not really into the flowery, cottage scenes, but the butterflies were nice to do.

The following year, I did this one - I liked the sentiment - how true!:

And in 2001, I completed this - intricate, but enjoyable:

I'm sure I've done other smaller projects in the intervening years, but this is the only one I have a photo of:

I love frogs, so couldn't resist this!

I haven't done any cross-stitch for a long time, but I have recently taken up knitting and crochet. I think I mentioned previously that I made a knitted pouch for my mp3 player, which was very so-so, and then I knitted a dishcloth, which is very much in use. No photos of those.

The next thing I tackled was a crocheted blanket for the cats, and this is what I ended up with:

Reasonably happy with it, although it's kind of a bit twisted in the centre, and it doesn't want to lay flat. A couple of people have suggested that it's probably down to the tension, which I think might be right - I'm probably pulling it a bit tight in places, especially once it starts to get bigger and a bit more cumbersome to hold in my lap. However, the cats don't seem to mind - here's Millie, looking quite pleased that she's got the favourite spot on the chair!

I enjoyed doing that blanket, so decided to do another one! I think these colours are quite suited to Millie actually! They haven't come out too well in the photo, but it's cream, camel and dark brown.

I've got the same problem with this one though - I straighten out one edge and another one goes a bit wavy. Again, I think it's my tension - I'm pretty sure I didn't add or miss out any stitches. It's only my second attempt though, and I'm still learning. I'm sure a more experienced person would know how to fix this by maybe adding an extra chain space here and there or something like that, but I'm not quite at that stage yet!

I think my next project is going to be more dishcloths, as my boyfriend keeps asking me to do another, and I have a couple of balls of cotton (in my slowly growing stash) which I can't really use for much else! Not the most exciting thing in the world, but it will get me back into the 'knitting habit' as I've been crocheting for a while. Also, they're nice and easy to do, and don't require a massive amount of concentration!

Bye for now!

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