Friday, 8 October 2010

There's Never A Forever Thing...

In December, after a world tour taking in 4 continents and 15 countries, the Norwegian band A-ha will split up, for good. Their career has spanned 25 years, with worldwide sales of over 35 million albums, and more than 25 million singles, making them the best-selling Norwegian music act in history.

As the band breaks, so does my heart.

I fell in love with A-ha when I was 6 years old. Their music has been the soundtrack of my life. Through all my ups and downs, they have been the one constant; the one thing guaranteed to cheer me, lift my spirits, comfort me, excite and invigorate me. I will never, NEVER, tire of their music.

I have an early memory of my dad teasing me about yet another teenybopper or boy band whose charms I had fallen for. I can't remember who it was, but it was another in a long line which included the likes of Jason Donovan, Brother Beyond, Bros, New Kids On The Block etc (hey, I was young, I was going through 'a phase'). He said something like, "oh, it won't last, you'll go off them eventually. Same goes for A-ha..." to which I responded vehemently, "Oh no, not them! I'll never go off them, they're different! I'll always love A-ha!"

They are, and always were, different. They played their own instruments, wrote their own lyrics and produced their own albums. Their songs are at times catchy, fun and 'foot-tappy' and at other times heart-breakingly beautiful and moving. All held together by Morten Harket's incredible 'falsetto' voice which, some say, spans five octaves.

I have grown up with A-ha, and although my musical tastes have changed over the years (thankfully!), if you ask me "who is your favourite band?" theirs is always the name I will say.

I recently spent a couple of evenings adding the majority of all their hit single videos to my Facebook page, in chronological order. Seeing how they've changed over the years, and hearing how their music has matured with them, made me feel very proud to have been able to enjoy their work for the last 25 years. Posting their last video 'Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)' also made me feel sad. I can't quite believe that that's it - that's the end.

I'm hopefully going to go and see them in concert in November - it will be the first and only time I'll see them perform live and I'm sure there will be mixed emotions that day!

It's almost a year since they announced that they were going to split, and to be honest, over the past few months I've avoided reading too much about them, or about the concerts that they've been performing around the world. I feel as though I've been a bit disloyal; it's the last year of A-ha the band, and I've been kind of ignoring them. What kind of fan does that make me? I realise now though that I've actually been in a kind of denial - I know the end is near, and I've only been trying to avoid thinking about it. Watching the videos the other night on YouTube finally brought it home to me that they really are splitting up, and after the tour finishes in December, A-ha will be no more. They have left behind them a fantastic legacy though - 25 years of incredible music and memories which will live on forever in the hearts of their thousands of fans around the world.

My response to my dad's teasing all those years ago is as true now as it was then:

I will always love A-ha!!

The first...

... and the last...


  1. Thought I would make a comment on here too. (as well as the comment above) I too used to and STILL DO get teased with my love for a-ha. My first memory of a-ha was when I see the take on me Video....the clinch was right at the end of the video when Morten was all sweaty, that was it, that was the moment I fell in love! I went to my first concert in 1986 on News Years eve at the Albert Hall. I followed a-ha for many years after that but then like any normal young adult life changed and other interest took over like partying and having a baby! I lost them in about 1992 but then my interest took a more postive turn when they reformed in 2000. Well from then on my passion has just grown and grown, I've been to as many concerts as I can since. None of my friends like a-ha as much as I do, I've even had to pay for concert tickets for some of my friends just so they would come with me! My last concert was spent with a very dear friend of mine (my ex partner) whom fortunately likes a-ha too so I was able to enjoy the last concert even more - guilt free! lol As for the teasing, it still goes I feel alone in the pain of them splitting up - yes I do, none of my friends understand that i am going through a mourning process and a broken heart will take time to heal BUT I'm sure I will be back to my normal self soon but by what you have written, i'm not the only one feeling the pain so hopefully you will understand. Anyway, I have gone on this current time a-ha would have just finished their 2nd final concert in Oslo so only two more left until the final curtain.....I'm dreading the 4th dec more a-ha EVER, doesn't bear thinking about :-(

    A-ha....once a fan, always a fan xx Coral xx

  2. Thanks Coral, you're definitely not alone in how you feel and I think all A-ha fans are dreading the 4th December and what it means, even the ones who are lucky enough to be at the final concert.

    We will have to make sure we play their music extra loud that day!!

    A-ha Forever (despite the title of this post!) xx


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