Saturday, 18 December 2010

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit!

Well, I've got my Christmas songs playing on the laptop, with an appropriately wintry desktop background...

... and I'm about to settle down and crochet some more granny squares for my cushion cover.

Unfortunately it's also 'wash day' so I'll have to keep breaking off to put another load in...

We've had a dusting of snow overnight, nothing major.

I like the snow, but I'm kind of hoping that this lot disappears quickly. It can come back on Christmas Eve if it wants, so that we all get a White Christmas! As long as it isn't too disruptive and doesn't stop people getting to where they want to be for the holidays.

I was really chuffed earlier when I went upstairs to find Millie curled up on her blanket:

My mum bought them this wicker bed last Christmas in the hope that one would sleep inside, and one on top. Mischief has pretty much ignored it all year, Millie has been on it only a few times, so I'm always pleased when I see she's gone to sit there of her own accord. By the way, that's a fluffy black cat just peeping out from inside (I think it's actually a pencil case, or something, with a zip down the back). It hasn't always been in there, so I know it's not that that's putting them off going in. Anyway, in the interests of fairness, I thought I'd better get a pic of His Lordship, on the other blanket:

While I've been perusing all these great blogs that I've been finding, I've seen loads of posts where you've been settling down with your current WIP and something yummy like a hot chocolate. However, my stomach is feeling a bit fragile at the moment - it was CJ's birthday on Friday and I made him this lemon and coconut cake:

Plus he also got a box of Mini Heroes from my mum. So I think I've had a bit too much sugar over the last few hours, so instead of a hot chocolate I'm consoling myself with a slightly-less-exciting-but-probably-better-for-me Camomile and Spearmint:

Yum (not).

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