Monday, 31 January 2011


It's just been one of those days!

Being bombarded with questions and comments when really all you want is to be left alone, to get on with your work in silence. Feeling like you're not working to your full potential, and getting stressed about that, which brings on the headache from hell, where you feel like you've got to hold onto the top of your head otherwise your skull is going to explode.

On the plus side, due to the shambolic service and ineptitude of the staff at a certain popular coffee chain which shall remain nameless (not that one, the other one) I walked away with (/didn't pay for, depending on how you look at it) a free mocha. Being in a foul mood to begin with certainly helps you stand up to people and stick to your guns!! And hey, the customer is always right, right??

I've seen lots of people on lots of blogs buying fresh flowers, particularly at this time of year, to brighten up the otherwise gloomy days. So after work I was determined to find somewhere to buy some myself, although whilst standing in a queue in a heaving Morrisons for about 15 minutes I did wonder just how desperately I needed them. I persevered though, and finally arrived home complete with two bouquets of tulips and one of daffodils. They're not up to much at the moment because the daffs haven't even opened yet, but I'm hoping they will burst into colour very soon, and restore my faith in the fresh-flower-buying process.

Hmm, see what I mean?  If you want to see some beautiful flowers bathed in the warm glow of the sun, rather than the stark fluorescent strip light of my kitchen, go here and prepare to let out an 'all-is-right-with-the-world' sigh of contentment...

Well, tomorrow is the 1st February and it's occured to me that I have to take my monthly garden photos. Except I leave for work just after 6am (ie. in the dark) and I don't get home till around 4.30pm (ie. daylight, but only just). If I pull my finger out I might just be able to take some pics before the light fades, but otherwise I might have wait a few days - I think I did say last month that I'd take them on or as near to the first of the month, just to get around the annoying issue of having to go to work when I'd rather be at home, taking photos.

If you're a Facebook user, you may or may not be aware that tomorrow is the start of Facebook Free February, which basically 'does what it says on the tin'. You completely avoid Facebook for the whole month of February and try and do something more productive with your time. To be honest, I don't spend that much time on it really. I stopped playing games ages ago because they were so addictive and time-consuming (Bejewelled Blitz, I'm looking at you!) but I have a terrible habit of logging on every day just to have a nosy at what everyone else is up to. So I'm going to try and steer clear of it for the next month and who knows, maybe I'll wean myself off it completely!

Anyway, I think that's all for now, sorry for the negativity, I just needed to vent! Hope you've had a much better day than me!!

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