Tuesday, 11 January 2011

But I Never Win Anything!!

Except I have! Jacey from Coffee 'n' Crochet has passed on this award to me, which is so lovely of her, and very unexpected!

Obviously this is my first one, so I wasn't too sure what to do with it, but I believe I have to tell you 7 interesting facts about myself, and then pass it on to another blog.

Hmm, this could be tricky, but here goes! Randomly and in no particular order:

* I am a GUCH, which stands for Grown Up Congenital Heart patient. I was born with a heart condition, and have had open-heart surgery twice, plus I also have a pacemaker. And I've lived to tell the tale! At one time, children born with heart conditions didn't usually make it to adulthood, but with all the medical and surgical advances of the last 20 or 30 years, most of them are leading near-normal lives well into adulthood, which is great! So now we have our own 'group', 'cause we're special!  :-)

* I collect frogs! All shapes and sizes, and anything kind of 'frog-related'. I stopped counting when I got to 100 - when CJ and I moved in together most of them got boxed away in the attic, and only a few have made it back out on display. One of my favourites is Jeremy Fisher from Beatrix Potter.

* I can say the alphabet backwards in 4 seconds

* When I was 14 I had a poem published in a poetry anthology, although I'd originally written it when I was about 10 or 11. All the contributors were told that we'd receive a percentage of the book sales, but I think the publishers were being a bit over-optimistic - I never saw a penny! It's a nice feeling to have my name in print though.

* Inspired by one of Jacey's facts, my dream would be to own a little tea shop somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, which would sell mostly cakes, buns and biscuits because I love baking, although I might stretch to a soup of the day and sandwiches too! It would probably have a craft section as well, where local people could sell their handmade goods (and hopefully I'd have something worth selling too!). However, when I win the lottery (note: when, not if, you've got to think positively!) I may just go and live up there and try to become...

* ... a bestselling novelist. Heck, just a novelist will do! Yes, another dream/ambition is to write a book. I've been saying that almost since I learnt to write though, and I've yet to finish a chapter, so it's not looking good!

* A while ago I decided I wanted to learn the nonsense verse 'Jabberwocky' off by heart, as I could remember actually singing this to music at school. I managed to learn it all, but after a few days it goes out of my mind, as things do. So every now and again, usually when I'm lying in bed trying to get to sleep, I'll think to myself "I wonder if I can still remember Jabberwocky?" and I'll try and go through it all again. There's usually an odd verse that takes a while to come back to me, but I get there in the end. And then promptly forget about it for another few weeks! If you're interested, you can read about it here.

So there you go, 7 facts, not necessarily interesting!

So now I have to pass on the award to another blog or blogs. I could quite happily give it to any of the ones listed over there ---->, but I've decided to just pick one of them: Paper Mountains. This is a new blog, although Eleanor had another one prior to it, but it seems that a house/location move has also lead to a blog move! I've chosen this blog for a few reasons: as well as it being new, Eleanor and her family have gone to live in a beautiful part of Scotland (I'm not jealous. Honest!); she loves her cats (they're adorable!) and she's clearly very imaginative and talented when it comes to her crafts! So that's my choice - I hope I've done this right!

I think that's all for now. I kind of got into watching Silent Witness last night which I've never watched before, and it was a two-parter so I think we're going to watch the rest of it tonight. I can't help calling it Witless Silence though, after the French and Saunders skit from a few years ago!


  1. Teehee, thanks for the award, will give it some serious thought ready for my next blog post (once upon a time it was a daily event, not so now :( )
    When, not if ;) you open your tea shop I'll come and sip tea, or slurp soup.

  2. You're more than welcome in my 'imaginary' tea shop, anytime! Sorry to hear that you're not blogging as frequently as you used to, I hope that's only because your new life in the Highlands is keeping you busy, and nothing more serious. xx


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