Sunday, 16 January 2011

Crochet In A Bowl...

Hello! Just thought I'd pop in for a quick update. I hope you're well?

It's absolutely grim outside - it's almost like daylight has never really arrived today, and now it's bouncing down too. It's so dull I've had the light on all day. I do find days like this a bit depressing. I think I might have to take inspiration from some of you and start buying fresh flowers to brighten the place up.

On the crochet front, I'm currently working on t'other side of my cushion - I keep wanting to call it 'the back' but it's not really going to have a front or back when it's finished, hopefully it will work either way. I've nearly finished it, I reckon I've got another one or two rounds to go before it's the same size as the other, and I have to start thinking about buttons. I'm using my dark brown wool, and it's such a big ball I've been struggling with where to put it. If it's on the floor or next to me on the sofa it seems to attract too much attention from my four-legged friends. So I've improvised with a casserole dish:

I know you can buy 'yarn bowls' (I'm not sure if that's their correct name) which have a little notch in the side to feed your yarn through, but I'm finding that this is working quite well for me. By the way, we've hardly ever used it, so I don't mind borrowing it for my wool needs.

Speaking of my four-legged friends, they're having a mad half-hour at the moment, it seems. I'm not sure who is chasing who, but all of a sudden there'll be a flurry of noise and movement and the sound of my carpets being shredded as they chase each other upstairs, round the bedroom, back down, over the sofa, into the kitchen and back into the hall. And then one will manage to get away, the other will go and sit somewhere quietly getting their breath back whilst plotting their next ambush.

Had to laugh at Millie earlier. She has a fondness for sleeping in our bed; yes in, not on. On our bed we have a sheet, and then a duvet (inside a cover) and then a throw. Often, she'll just be under the throw, but occasionally she gets right under the duvet and sometimes even under the sheet. She can spend most of the day there; I think she gets frustrated at night because we steal her spot and she has to make do with a chair, and if we lie in, she eventually comes and meows at us, which I think translates as "Come on, get out of my bed, it's my turn!". So this afternoon, there was the tell-tale 'bump' in the bed, and we went to investigate. Lift the throw - nope, not under there. Lift the throw and duvet - nope, not under there. Lift the throw, duvet and sheet - nope, not under there. Hmm, try again. Definitely not under the throw, but seems to be between that and the duvet, which could only mean one thing - she was inside the duvet cover! Opened up the end (one press-stud had come undone giving her means of entry) and lifted the cover, nope, still not there, so lifted the duvet aswell - ah-ha! Found her at last!! Gave her a fuss and then left her alone, but went back a couple of minutes later to see the 'bump' moving around in the bed. I think she was genuinely lost, and couldn't find the way out! So I opened up the cover again and she followed my voice to the exit! Such a little cutie!

Anyway, I think that's all for now, I need to get back to my cushion cover - it won't crochet itself!


  1. Nice you are nearly finished with the cushion cover, I still haven't found a backing, maybe I will have to just make one for mine.

  2. I found that if you do not want to use a bowl, a large jar or a plastic soda bottle (the 2 liter kind) that is cut in half then taped together work just fine as well. For the jars I just make a hole to feed the yarn through. And for the soda bottles I just take off the cap :D I hope this helped :D


  3. @ Gail - if you don't find one, I'm sure you'll rustle up a backing in no time.

    @ Nikkole - thanks for the tip!


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