Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I Have The Will-Power Of...

... a thing with very little willpower!

So a couple of posts back, I was wondering what my next project could be. I specifically said that I didn't really want to do another blanket, or anything in crochet really, I wanted to have a go at some knitting for a change. After a break of a few days, I was itching to get on with something, so what have I started making? Oh, only one of these from Lucy at Attic24! Hmm, so much for no crochet then! I raided my stash and pulled out loads of tiny balls of yarn that wouldn't really be enough to make anything with, apart from something intentionally 'scrappy' if you know what I mean. Initially I planned to do another big granny square, and just keep going with a colour until it ran out, and then start the next one regardless of where I was up to in that particular round. But I got looking on Lucy's site, and thought I fancied doing a different shape - after the cushion cover I'm all 'squared out'! So I decided to have a go at the flat circle, and so far so good! I'm really enjoying it and once again Lucy's instructions are faultless. I think the plan is to keep going for as long as I can, or at least until it's the kind of size that I can lay over my lap. Mischief sometimes likes to come for a cuddle, but the trouble is he does that 'kneading' thing that cats do, and sticks his claws in! They go through my top and I end up with a stomach that looks like a dartboard (my fault for having a squishy belly, I suppose!). So I thought if I could have a little blanket just hanging over the back of the chair so that it's handy, I could whip it into place when he starts and give myself an extra layer of protection!

I did have a look on Ravelry the other night, and I've now got quite a few patterns in my queue ready to have a go at at some point. I won another couple of auctions on Ebay too, so I have more yarn on the way, which is exciting! I still want to knit something soon, but the crochet circle can keep my hands occupied in the meantime.

Monday was my birthday, and CJ and I both had the day off work. I had a really lovely day, apart from the fact that both of us were feeling a bit under the weather. I felt like I was coming down with a cold, although I wondered if that was anything to do with my flu jab. CJ felt the same, but he had his flu jab last year, so he thinks he's caught it from someone - he's blaming all the kids at the panto! I'd had the sniffles since about Saturday, but then on Monday I also developed a bit of a stomach upset (won't go into details!) - not sure if it was something I ate or a bug, but either way, I wasn't feeling too great. So we had a lazy day and stayed in, apart from a quick visit to my parents' in the evening. Unfortunately I was still feeling poorly this morning; I got up at my usual time for work, but after a couple of hours decided I didn't want to risk it, so I phoned in sick. So in between running to the bathroom I've just sat in the living room and worked on my crochet. I think I'm finally feeling back to normal now - I haven't eaten anything all day, and I'm actually starting to feel a bit peckish now.

Speaking of my birthday, I got some lovely pressies. My mum and dad got me some perfume (haven't tried it yet because of the sniffles), some chocolates, some toiletries, slippers, stationery (I have a stationery fetish!) and a book on how to make crochet bags and purses. I wouldn't mind having a go at that one day, but generally you have to line them, don't you, which means I'd have to learn to sew/use a sewing machine. Hmm, one step at a time! I also got some money from CJ's mum and my auntie, which I've decided can pay for the wool I've just bought on Ebay. CJ got me a couple of books, chocolates and some of those embroidery scissors shaped like a stork (which I asked for, cos I've seen them on other people's blogs and think they're fab, and now I've got my own pair!). But his main present was an Amazon Kindle! Wow, I definitely wasn't expecting that! I'd seen them on Amazon and kind of knew what it was, but I'd never looked into it properly because I was worried that I might want one (I'm a bit partial to a 'gadget' now and again!). Part of me thinks that you just can't beat actually holding a big chunky paperback in your hands, and before I got the Kindle I was maybe a bit skeptical about them. But now that I've had a go with it, I can definitely see the appeal. I've only downloaded about 5 books so far, but I've started making a wishlist on Amazon and I'm sure I'll be adding some more soon. One of the main advantages I can think of is when we go on holiday. I usually take four of five books with me - not because I think I'll get through that many, just because I'm indecisive and don't want to limit myself to just one or two. Well, four or five books takes up quite a bit of space in your luggage, and adds weight. With the Kindle I could take hundreds of books, for something about the same size (but half the weight) of an average paperback. So I'm looking forwards to reading something on it, although I don't know when. I was supposed to be reading now, while I was inbetween projects, but that didn't last long!

Anyway, I think that's all for now, I'm off back to my circle!

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