Sunday, 23 January 2011

It's Behind You...!

Oh no it isn't!! Oh yes it is!!

Yes, today we went to the Bradford Alhambra to see this:

It was a late Christmas present for CJ's niece, A. I can't say I was really looking forwards to it, panto isn't really my thing - I was joking that I was going to take a book or my mp3 player - but it wasn't bad actually. The chap in the middle on the front of the programme is Billy Pearce, a local comedian/entertainer who has been a regular on the panto circuit for years now, as well as having his own standup shows, especially in Blackpool. The Wicked Queen was someone who used to be in Emmerdale, and I didn't know anyone else in it (oh, apart from one of the Dwarves, who was in that Peter Kay 'Amarillo' video). It was pretty funny in places, and it had two or three really good 3D sections (they supply the glasses) involving the Magic Mirror, a trip down the Diamond Mine and an assault on the Queen's castle. I know panto is for kids and adults, but I was surprised at some of the 'grown-up' jokes, they were quite rude! I'm obviously really out of touch! Anyway, the main thing is A enjoyed herself.

While CJ went to collect A this morning, I found myself looking at yarn on Ebay and - whoops! - I accidentally bought some! Yes, I got a bit trigger-happy with the 'bid now' button! I was expecting to be outbid at the last minute, but that didn't happen, so I've already got about a dozen or more balls of yarn on the way, and more to come, if I win! I don't want to say what they are though, or how much I spent, in case it's not very good stuff - I don't want you to sit there pointing and laughing and saying "ha ha, look what the silly woman bought on a whim without doing her research, what a waste of money!" Not that you would say that, you're too nice! (But you might secretly think it ;-) So I'll just see what turns up. If it seems to be good quality yarn, I might tell you what it is!

Well, I think that's all for now. I might just follow Gail's suggestion on my last post, and pop over to Ravelry to have a look at some patterns, for inspiration. I joined up a few weeks ago, but I haven't really got into it yet - it's kind of a bit overwhelming when you're a beginner!

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