Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Song To Start And Finish The Day...

An opera-singing colleague sang Happy Birthday to me this morning, in Italian! My birthday isn't until next week, but I've got a few days annual leave now and I'm not back at work until afterwards. I also got a card and something in a Lush bag, which I haven't opened obviously. We don't usually do presents unless it's a 'special' birthday (it isn't) so that was a complete surprise!

When I got home (after a bit of a stressful drive) I could hear (but not see) a bird singing it's little heart out in the tree at the end of the garden - I think it was probably a blackbird. It was such a pretty sound.


  1. How nice to have someone sing to you in Italian. Enjoy your days off! Happy Birthday! (for when it is):)

  2. Thank you!

    The little bit of opera was really nice! He burst into song on Christmas Eve aswell, just as we were getting ready to go home. I'm not sure what that was, something from Gilbert and Sullivan, and it was very loud! But he sang Happy Birthday a bit quieter :-)


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