Saturday, 1 January 2011

Starting As I Mean To Go On...

So, here we are on the first day of 2011! Are you excited about the new year, or does today just feel like another day to you? I wouldn't say that I'm excited - I've never really been one for celebrating new years; as a child I always found it a bit sad and depressing because it meant that Christmas was over for another year, and I don't think I've ever grown out of that feeling! But I do get a bit caught up in all the New Year Resolutions, even if I don't make any (or pretend not to), and I suppose there's that feeling of it being a fresh start, and a whole year stretching out ahead of you to be filled with, well, who knows?

One thing that I do want to do is make a go of this blog! I've really enjoyed it so far, even if sometimes I've felt like I was talking to myself! I know the only way that I can get you to visit is to make it as interesting as I can, and I know that it will take time to build it up into a blog that's worth coming back to, but I guess that's the challenge! I tried blogging a few years back but I didn't really have a focus, so that one didn't last. I'm hoping that this one will one day be filled with lots of posts and photos about all the gorgeous things I've crocheted and knitted (I can dream!), and probably lots of piccies of my cats too, who I worship! I'm trying to think of ideas for it all the time, whilst being inspired by all the great blogs I've come across so far, like the ones over there on the right.

An idea that I had earlier was to take a photo of something on the same day every month, ideally something from nature, which will change with the seasons. I actually thought about doing this a few years ago, when I still lived with my parents. At the back of their garden is a huge sycamore tree. It actually belongs to their next-door-but-one neighbour, but the gardens are at an angle to each other, so they kind of converge to a point at the end, if that makes sense. So this tree is basically slap-bang at the end of my parents' back garden and it kind of dominates the view. My plan was to take a photo of it on the same day every month, just to see how it changes throughout the year, but I never did get around to it. So I thought I might do it this year instead, but with our garden instead, and the trees that overlook it. However, I'm really not great at taking photos, and I can't say that I'm happy with these, but here they are anyway:

So this is basically our back garden, which I actually don't have anything to do with - CJ is the avid gardener of us two. I think it's all looking a bit muddy, brown and depressing at the moment, but I suppose that's understandable as it's winter and it's only recently reappeared from underneath several inches of snow!! I'm being too hard on the garden, aren't I? Expecting too much from it, too soon? I'm sure that CJ will have it looking lovely in no time at all, and hopefully if I keep up with my 'photo-a-month' idea I'll be able to see that. He's not into flowers so much, his thing is fruit trees and vegetables, but there will still be lots of greenery, and obviously fruit and veggies have flowers too, so there will be some colour as well. Roll on summer!!

One of the blogs that I've started reading is this one and the author, Heather, has just posted a list of intentions for 2011. I commented that it was a great list, but I don't know if I'd be brave enough to put my own version on my blog, for fear of looking back in December and realising that I hadn't achieved any of it! However, a few of her 'intentions' have got me thinking about my own, so I am going to make a list, but keep it private, for now at least. I'm going to try and be specific on it, for example, instead of just saying 'lose weight' (which I definitely need to do!) I'm going to say why I want to, and how I think I could achieve it. Hopefully that might make it easier to stick to. Maybe. Possibly.

Anyway, as promised a few days ago, here are some photos of my knitting bag, wool holder and pattern file that my mum bought me for Christmas:

As you can see, you put your wool in the holder and pull the yarn through the hole in the top, then zip it up, and it keeps it clean and stops it rolling around. Best for when you're using the same colour for a long time, a bit of a pain if you're changing yarns quite often.

And this was Mischief, trying the knitting bag out for size when he first saw it. I don't think he was impressed as he's left it alone ever since:

And just before I go, a quick update on my cushion-cover-to-be:

I was being very good and tying in all my ends as I finished each square, but then I got a bit impatient and just got on with doing the squares, so I still have a few to tidy up, although I tried to hide them all in the second photo ;-) The next step, I think, is to crochet them all together, and I'm hoping that the tutorial on Lucy's Attic24 blog will help me! If it doesn't, it will definitely be a case of 'operator error' and certainly not the fault of the tutorial, which looks so easy to follow. Then I think it's going to be one big granny square for the other side, and a decision about what to do with the 'open' end - I'm thinking buttons...

Anyway, I think that's all - bye for now!

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