Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Celebrity In Our Midst!!

If you're anything like me, you probably have a certain few websites that you visit on a regular basis. One of mine that I try to check every day is www.cuteoverload.com, which is just photo after photo of cute animals. Definitely a good pick-me-up if you're feeling a bit down for any reason (unless you're not an animal lover, in which case it probably won't have any effect).

Anyway, I checked it this evening and was completely gobsmacked but absolutely chuffed to bits to see this - my Mischief is famous!! I must've submitted this photo two or three years ago, and as it never appeared I assumed that they didn't think it was 'cute' enough, which I was a bit miffed about! But now I think they get so many emails that it's probably taken them this long to get to it!! Just to explain, this is Mischief sitting on the windowsill of a cottage on the Isle of Skye. He was probably only about 6 months old, and it was the first time we'd taken him on holiday with us. He was really good all week, and treated the cottage like a home-from-home. He loved racing up and down the stairs, and obviously enjoyed watching the sheep out of the window too!

So now I need to find a cute photo of Millie (shouldn't be difficult) and send that in to them in the hope that they'll publish it, just to be fair. I wouldn't want her to feel left out!

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