Friday, 25 March 2011

Not So Much A "Ta-Dah!"...

... more of an "um, there you go"...

I think I've finished my flat circle. I didn't have much to do on it really - I wanted to finish it with a couple of rounds of white, and I was going to put a fancy border on it, but I've now decided to leave it without. That way I might be able to add a few more rounds at a later date, although if I'm really honest with myself, I probably won't!

I've just had a go at trying to iron it flat, which is why it's laid on a towel. I probably should've tried blocking it, although I'm not sure even that would get the 'waviness' out of it (is waviness a word?). And it's not exactly 'circular' is it? It's got edges...

I think I was getting a bit fed up with it towards the end, which seems to be a recurring theme with me. I really need to find something special to do, something that I'll really enjoy and won't get bored with, and something that I'll take a bit more pride in. I love the colours in this circle, but I can't say that I really love 'it'. I almost wish I'd saved the yarn for something more than just another cat blanket - most of it was either yarn I'd been given, or which had come free with the knitting magazine that I subscribe to, but some of it is lovely and it's a shame it's going to get 'clawed' to bits! Oh well.

Here it is, with and without the flash:



  1. Well I think it's wonderful, oh to be able to crochet. The colours are gorgeous and your cats are special so why shouldn't they have a special blanket to sit on.

  2. Thank you Jo! You're right, my cats are special. I'm sure they'll love it, and it will bring me pleasure when I see them curled up on it, purring contentedly.

  3. Your cats are very deserving but what about carrying on and turning it in to a yarn stash holder bag? If you've enough yarn all you need to do is carry on crocheting but not increasing and the sides will start to grow upwards. Fab! Fab bag. Lush circle! there's a great tute on Attic 24 which you could use as guidance.


  4. Hi Cuckoo, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don't think I've got enough of the same yarn, as it was mostly bits from the stash or the little freebie balls of wool that come with my knitting magazine. But I've just turned round and looked at it hanging over the back of the chair, and I could instantly picture it 'with sides' - it would be a huge bag! I've seen Lucy's tutorial so I know the one you mean. It would be a real shame to have all the lovely colours on the bottom and something plain for the rest of it, so I wonder if it would be a good enough reason to buy some new yarn to 'finish it off'?? Hmm, you've really got me thinking now... ;-)

  5. Looks great! nice colors:)


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