Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ooh, what's this??

After nipping out of the office for a few minutes this morning, when I came back in, this box had appeared on my desk:

What's this, I wonder?

I opened it up to see this vision of beauty:

I'm not sure if the bit of green icing was meant to be there or if it had been dribbled on by mistake. It was no detriment though.

Part of my job is to act as a mentor to the trainees in our department, and one of them had bought me this lovely cupcake "to let you know you're appreciated" - how nice is that??

And get this, the flavour was Geranium and Cherry!!! You may have come across these before (I think it was from Waitrose) but I haven't so I was very impressed.

In fact, this is how impressed I was:

Gulp. All gone.



  1. Oh yUM!
    I've been wanting to try those yummy looking cupcakes they sell at the mall. mmmm.
    i think this doesn't go with my diet though :(

  2. Diet shmiet! - you've got to treat yourself now and again! One little(ish) cupcake won't hurt ;-)


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