Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Hi again!

Just a quick post to ask for your help please. So far my only real experience of buying yarn has been a few trigger-happy bids on Ebay, and I've been thinking that I really could do with finding some decent shops, either online or that I could visit in person. But I don't know where to start! I reckon you can't beat word of mouth though, so if you know of any good shops I would really appreciate it if you could let me know in the comments section (unless they're so good you want to keep them to yourself!). If they have a website, I'll post a link to them in the column on the right.

Thank you!!


  1. Hi Michelle...if you are near Leeds then try Baa Ram Ewe in Headingley. I always buy online as it is cheaper. I can recommend Texere Yarns...very friendly and helpful. Also very reasonable. They stock King Cole pure merino wool and that is fabulous if you want to use wool, but is a fraction of the cost of Rowan.

    I also use Stylecraft Special dk and get it from Mason's. I would never use acrylic at one time but am a total convert to Stylecraft. It is soft, gorgeous colours and lovely to work with. It is also cheap.

    You could do a lot worse than getting the muli-pack from this site. The colours were chosen by Lucy from Attic24

    Hope this helps!! x

  2. Wow, that was quick!! Thanks so much for these - I'm going to have a nosy at them now, and I'll pop the links in my sidebar for easy access. I know Headingley so I could definitely be up for a visit to Baa Ram Ewe - as someone who is very new to crochet and knitting, I think it would be good to actually have a 'feel' of all the different types of yarn, so that I know what I'm getting if I decide to buy online. Thanks again! xx

  3. Yes, good idea to do that. The people in Baa Ram Ewe are very experienced so ask for advice. they also run classes, I think x


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