Monday, 2 May 2011

Lotherton Hall

Yep, that's where we decided to go this morning! We've never been before but it's been on my mind to visit ever since I read about it here (where Jo provides lots of interesting facts on the history of the places and various things that can be seen in the house and grounds). Unfortunately today I was feeling a little bit under the weather so I wasn't really up to spending hours there, so we just visited the bird garden before coming away. Also, it was packed with it being the Bank Holiday, so we'll have to try and go back on a quieter day and see a bit more of it.

The Bird Garden, however, was great, with some really impressive birds. As we walked in, one young boy behind us asked "why don't the birds just fly away?" as some of the 'enclosures' are actually open (but a few are completely netted over) and to be honest, I'm not sure! I presume that they're either birds which don't fly very well anyway, or perhaps they've had their wings clipped. I'm always a tiny bit uncomfortable peering at animals in captivity, but I think times have changed now and places like this tend to be quite heavily focussed on breeding and conservation, and they do their best to give the animals a happy and safe environment in which to live.

I took my big posh camera but I think I need to get the instruction manual out again because, despite taking lots of photos, none of them came out very good! And a bad workman blames his tools, so I have to hold my hands up and say it was my fault and not the camera! Trying to photograph a bird through a wire fence resulted in lots of photos of a beautifully-in-focus fence and a blurry bird in the background!

So I've just picked out the best of a bad bunch here:

Demoiselle Crane

Marabou Stork

Superb Starling!

There were lots of these Superb Starlings dotted around, and they really are superb! Apart from the amazing colours of their plumage, they were very sing-songy and quite cheeky! It took me ages to get a photo of them, because as soon as I pointed the camera at one, it would fly to another branch and then when I tried again, it would fly back to it's original perch!

Lilac Breasted Roller

I wish I could've got a photo of this bird in flight, because when it opened it's wings (and kind of fanned it's tail) it was the most amazing irridescent purpley-blue colour, especially in the sunlight!

Andean Condor
This was about the best shot I could get of the Andean Condor, which has the largest wingspan of any land bird (around 3.2m). There was a waterfall and pond in it's enclosure, and there were a couple of ducks in the pond. I was a bit concerned that they might've been lunch, but apparently the Condor only eats carrion, so they should be safe for now!

I'm not sure what this bird was, but I thought it was quite funny how it was hiding in the bushes! Probably cursing me for photographing it and blowing it's cover!


And last but not least, some flamingoes. I'm assuming these are two different species, due to the difference in height and the ones on the left being much paler in colour (though still pink). Unless they were adults and juveniles.

So it was a pleasant walk round, and I'm just sorry that I don't have more/better photos to show you. Lotherton Hall Estate does seem like a nice place to visit though, even though we didn't see much of it today, so if you've never been, I'd recommend it.

Well, I hope you've had a nice Bank Holiday and if it's back to work tomorrow for you, you have my comiserations and sympathy - I'm back too :-( I'm on a course aswell, which is going to be tough as my brain takes at least half a day to get back into the swing of things after any time off!


  1. Thanks for the link. Glad you made it to Lotherton, the bird garden is impressive. I haven't made it back yet to have another look but I will do so soon.

  2. Hi! Many thanks for stopping by - glad you did as I have now discovered your lovely blog. If you ever need any "South Yorkshire" tourist advise, I'm your woman. xxxx

  3. Hi Jo, hope you make it back to Lotherton soon. Say hello to the Superb Starlings for me!

    Hi Diane, thanks for your comment. I'd definitely be happy to use your blog as an unofficial (but better than the real thing) tourist guide! In fact, next time we want to have a day out somewhere, I might have a nosey through some of your old posts for inspiration!

  4. Hi Michelle, looks like you had a nice day out, I have yet to go to Lotherton Hall. You know at a quick glance it looks like a penguin hiding in the bushes. If you have the time pop over to my blog there is a little something there for you. :)

  5. It's funny you should say that Gail, I thought it was a penguin when I first saw it too! I actually think it was a kind of stork, but it was standing kind of 'hunched up' if you know what I mean? Thank you very much for the award nomination as well, it's very kind of you to think of my blog! xx

  6. The Lilac Breasted Roller is so beautiful, what a glorious color. What a lovely place to visit.
    x Sandi


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