Tuesday, 31 May 2011

May Photo Hunt and Some AOB...

Hello! Thank you for the nice comments on my last post - I'm still a bit lurgified, but I'm kind of at the tail end of it now, so hopefully it will clear up soon.

I was on annual leave last week, but due to both of us having cold (CJ got it before me, but his didn't seem to last as long) we didn't really get out much. We did make it to Northallerton on Monday; we wanted to have a day out but somewhere different to where we usually go. We always seem to end up in either York or Lincoln, or the East Coast - all very nice, but we fancied somewhere else this time. I've been to Northallerton years ago but I couldn't remember it, and when we got there we thought it was very pleasant. It seems to be mainly just one long high street (there's probably more to it than that, but we stuck to the shops). Unfortunately the weather was a bit rubbish, blowing a gale and quite drizzly, so after walking up one side and down the other, we headed back to the car with some warm sausage rolls - yum! (diet? what diet??) We decided to have a drive around to a few other places - Bedale, Masham, Ripon - while gradually making our way back home, but we didn't get out at any of them, mainly due to this:

It bounced down just after we'd got in the car, and I don't think it stopped all the way home! I'm afraid to say we're fairweather day-trippers!

So that was Monday. Tuesday we just went over to my mum and dad's, and then grocery shopping, and it was Tuesday night when CJ developed cold, so like I said, that was pretty much the rest of the week ruined (don't get me wrong though, it's still been lovely not being at work, and having a lie-in every day!)

On the Friday before my week off, I finally - finally! - got around to posting some granny squares to the Japan Appeal, and also the Australian Crochet A Rainbow.

You get the idea!

 I did feel a bit bad about only sending 10 to each one, when some people are sending 40 or 50 at a time! But I'm sure every little helps!

Apart from the bobble dishcloth (which I still haven't finished!) I wasn't really doing any crochet, so last week while I was off (and in between all the nose-blowing!) I returned to an old favourite. This is just a sneak peek, I'm sure I'll blog about it when it's completely finished:

Another thing I managed last week was to get a couple of books read (proper books too, not Kindle books!). I'm a huge fan of Jodi Picoult, and I read The Tenth Circle, which was as thought-provoking and moving as all her novels are. I've read quite a few already, and I've got several more on the shelf, but I like to pace myself with them, and just read one now and again. I'd hate to catch up completely and then have to wait for the next one, although she writes one book a year, so I wouldn't have to wait too long! After hers, I read The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. His books seems to get a bit of a slating from a lot of critics, but I just take them for what they are, a really good action adventure, totally un-put-downable!! I don't worry too much about whether all the historical facts and figures are correct. I don't think it's being made into a film (yet) but I've already cast Morgan Freeman as one of the main characters - that's who I was picturing as I read it! I'm going to try and put a 'currently reading' pic in my sidebar whenever I start a new book.
So as it's the end of May, I thought I might as well post my Photo Scavenger Hunt pics. I'm afraid to say I didn't manage to get them all: I couldn't find a willing victim participant for the black and white portrait; my imagination let me down when it came to the streetlight; and, most annoying of all, I failed in my efforts to get a snap of an emergency vehicle. This is annoying because I work at a hospital, so when I saw this on the list I thought "easy - an ambulance!". Well, every time I wandered up to A&E, were there any ambulances parked up outside?? Not one!! I know 'other emergency vehicles are available' but I really thought I'd got that one in the bag. Oh well. Here are the rest of them then:

a bicycle

Yes, this sorry looking thing is my bike, currently in the garage covered in dust, sawdust, cobwebs and goodness knows what else! I tried cycling a couple of years ago, but decided I preferred to have both feet on terra firma at all times!

A butterfly
Maybe a little cheat, this is one of the butterflies on a larger cross-stitched picture that I did a few years ago.

A cartoon character
This one had me stumped for a while, but then I realised that I walk past this Noddy kiddy ride every day.

A Red Door
Hmm, another iffy one, this is my take on a red door - my mum's well-used bottle of Red Door perfume by Elizabeth Arden!

A Sign of the Zodiac
This is Leo, my nodding lion. He's very old, and I have such a soft spot for him. He belonged to my grandma, and after she died we were clearing her house and I don't think anyone really knew what to do with him; for a moment I think he was almost in danger of being thrown out!! So I said "I'll have him!" and he's been with me ever since. When I told my mum that I was using a photo of him, she said she remembers 'posing' him amongst some shrubs in her garden when she was a girl, and taking photos of him (I'm afraid I wasn't that imaginative!), and she says they'd had him years even then, so he's been around a while!

An interesting local building
Ok, try to see past the big tree - this is the Brotherton Wing, part of Leeds General Infirmary. I find it 'interesting' because I think it looks a bit like a cruise liner, with those balconies on the end there. It was built in 1940 from Portland Stone at a cost of £50,000. I believe the balconies were used for 'open-air therapy'; each one was at the end of a ward, although there are no wards there now. Apparently it was hit by German bombs in an air-raid not long after it opened, but was undamaged (I don't know how it can be hit by a bomb and not damaged but that's what 'my source' says!)

Something blue
Millie's eyes!!

A bobble on my bobbly dishcloth

Think vintage!
In recent years, my dad seems to have been reverting to his youth, and started collecting model/toy cars - this is one of them!

So there you go, my May photos. Looking forwards to the June list - I enjoyed the challenge, even if I didn't manage to get them all.

It's getting late and my bed is calling, so I'll just leave you with some pics of our little visitor who has been absent for a while, but who must've smelled the peanuts in the new feeder:

Bye for now!!


  1. Nice post Michelle - love the grannies and I'm sure all are welcome. Well done with the photos - hard this month! Especially like the red door - not iffy at all, thinking 'outside the box'!! x

  2. Nice big juicy post, enjoyed all of it. Glad you are over the worst, it does seem to hang on tho' The Lost Symbol has already been made into a movie, a few years ago now. I love Dan Brown books, they are a great read. Angels and Demons has been made into a movie too, but haven't seen it yet.
    Take care x Sandi

  3. Thanks Sandra - just looked at your photos, they're really good, especially your black and white portrait, I love that one!

    Sandi, The Lost Symbol is Dan Brown's most recent book - were you thinking of The Da Vinci Code? That was the first one to be made into a film, in 2006 I think, and Angels and Demons was 2009. I really enjoyed both of them, so I hope The Lost Symbol does get filmed, it would be another great movie and there's lots of potential for a great cast (although, for me, you can't beat Paul Bettany as Silas, mmm!)

  4. Oh my, what a nelly I am, (I worry about myself sometimes) you are quite right. I too hope it is made into a movie. Yes I agree, you can't beat Paul as Silas, he's a bit dishy.
    x Sandi

  5. Ha ha, it's ok Sandi - as much as I enjoy the books, I suppose you could say they're a bit 'samey' so it's easy to get them confused! I'd completely forgotten that Angels and Demons had been made into a film until you mentioned it, and I was sure I hadn't seen it. But I looked on IMDB and realised we did actually go and watch it at the cinema!! xx

  6. I wanted to do the crochet a rainbow thing too but SL never got back to me. I figured she had more to stitch up than she could cope with. So I have started one "For Gabe" I'll blog about it a bit nearer the time. Your squares look fab, mine are usually rather wonkey. Have you blocked them?


  7. Hi Cuckoo, I contacted Sarah at Crochet A Rainbow ages ago, and then it took me forever to actually get on and make the squares, so I don't know if she still wanted them by the time I posted them. I didn't block them, and it's funny that you think they look fab, 'cos I always think they're not as neat as everyone else's! I can always see where I've started each round, and there's always a little bump on the last one where I finish off. I never seem to see that on other people's squares! I guess we're all a bit self-critical!

  8. Hope the lurgy has gone! Great photos - except for the rain!!! xxxx


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