Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Back Soon...

Thank you for the comments on my last post; it never ceases to amaze me that other people are interested in what I've got to say! I only have a small group of regular readers, but each and every one of you is very special to me and your company is very much appreciated!

I'm going through a bit of a rough time at the moment - it's not something that I want to blog about, and it's kind of preventing me from wanting to blog about anything else. So I'm probably going to be absent for a little while longer, until I'm 'in a better place'.

I will still be reading all your lovely blogs though; in fact, as I've not switched the laptop on much in the last few days, I've spent most of today catching up on all your recent posts (and what a lot of posts there were!). A very enjoyable few hours!

So I'll see you soon  xxx

Saturday, 16 July 2011

I Haven't...

... disappeared off the face of the earth! I think I've just lost a bit of my blogging mojo or something, if I ever had it in the first place. I know I haven't always written lots - like every day - but at the moment I'm finding it difficult to write anything. I really don't lead a very exciting life at all. Don't get me wrong, it's a good life and I'm really happy, but it's just not really the kind of thing I want to write about, or you want to read about.

I'm still 'between projects' and can't decide what to do next. I really want to get on with something, but it needs to be something I want to do, and not just for the sake of having something to blog about, if you know what I mean. So I'm kind of still biding my time and I'm sure all of a sudden it will hit me like a bolt from the blue: That's it! That's my next project! And when it does, you'll be the first to know!

So I really just thought I'd pop in and say hello - I'm still here, and even if I'm not writing much, I'm most definitely still reading all the brilliant blogs in my sidebar, and discovering new ones all the time, thanks to your recommendations.

Anyway, back to my exciting weekend - washing, drying (but not on the line cos it's piddling down), ironing, trying to sell more stuff on ebay, possibly having a wardrobe blitzing session of stuff that I don't wear/doesn't fit, and other interesting jobs like that. Joy of joys!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

... --- -- . -- --- - .... . .-. ...

Hellooo! Well, it's been a while... again...

To be honest, I haven't got much to report from the last couple of weeks. Work has been hectic, as we've just moved in to a new office, and there have been some other changes which we're all having to get used to. I've been getting home feeling very tired, and quite frustrated, due to a certain person who I work with who absolutely drives me up the f*****g wall!! Sorry about that! Can't say any more really, but I'm sure at some time or another you've worked with someone who makes you feel like that too!

I'm still going to the gym three times a week, which means getting home late on a couple of evenings, and also having my weekend broken up by it, which means trying to fit things into the rest of the time when I am at home. And I'm not the most organised, just-get-on-with-it type of person. I'm a dawdler, I think about things for a long time before I get on and do them. I think I'm just generally a bit slow at everything I do!

When I get home from work (on a non-gym day) the usual routine is: have a bit of a chat with CJ about our respective days, have tea, and then I get my laptop out on the dining table and he goes upstairs on his computer. We meet in the kitchen for a coffee a couple of hours later! I have a quick check on Facebook (might have a few games of Bejewelled Blitz), catch up on Twitter, and then read all my favourite blogs which have been updated. This week I wanted to do some other things - check my online banking, maybe buy some clothes online, put some stuff on Ebay (more on that in a mo), as well as try and go to bed early. So I'd say to myself, "I'll just check Facebook, Twitter and my blogs and then I'll get on with the other stuff". But of course, the other stuff didn't get done, because I ran out of time!! By the time I've done my usual internet surfing, it's nearly time for bed! So I decided about half way through the week that I wasn't going to read the blogs (as they take the longest time), and I saved them all up for today instead. Which is why it's 12.20pm and I've only recently finished reading them, despite being up since about 7am!! (In fairness, I've done three loads of washing too, inbetween). I still didn't get all the things done that I wanted to, although I did manage to get to bed a bit earlier, which is probably the most important, as I get up at stupid o'clock (4.30am) during the week.

Anyway, I've enjoyed catching up with all my favourite blogs this morning. I know a few of you took part in the June Photo Scavenger Hunt. I was full of good intentions at the beginning of the month, but for some reason inspiration just never really struck, so I gave it a miss. I've seen the July list and I think that might be more promising. I have got my monthly garden photos to show you though, taken this morning in the sunshine.

The big bushy plant on the left is a Jerusalem Artichoke, in the middle is the Sorrel and to the right you can just see the purple of some lavender. The yellow flowers are Calendula. The green netting is covering the strawberries.



oh dear - black fly on the nasturtium

'Scuse fingers! Unless this is more blackfly, I think they might be butterfly eggs...

My dad planted this tub for me as a surprise, possibly because he was sick of me wittering about there not being enough colour in our garden! I'm reliably informed that it contains geraniums, marigolds and alyssum, and there might be some other flowers in there too.

Strawberries on the left, spuds on the right

A shiny strawberry!
I was hanging the washing out earlier, and literally all I could smell was strawberries! They're everywhere! Yum!

Apple tree on the left, peach tree on the right

The peach tree, and a plum tree in the corner

This is a variety of kiwi, where the fruit will only be about the size of a grape

Another kiwi, falling over a bit, and a wild rose growing up the trellis

A grapevine growing up the corner of the garage

This is the purple flower growing up the trellis on the side of the garage, but CJ isn't actually sure what it is - any ideas?

Plum tree

Not sure, but pretty pink flowers
So that's the garden for another month!

I mentioned I'd been selling stuff on Ebay. I went up in the attic a couple of weeks back and decided to have a clearout of all my old music cassettes. I've got a boatload, honestly! They're mostly from the 90's - I used to buy loads of cassette singles, as well as albums, and I collected those 'Now That's What I Call Music' compilation albums, first on cassette, then on CD, until I eventually got sick of them. I don't even own a cassette player any more, so the tapes are no good to me now, so I've been putting them on Ebay and I'm amazed to say that I've sold a few! Most have gone for about 99p, but I had three cassettes which sold for £12, £8 and £8, would you believe??!! I've decided that I might use the money I've made from the tapes to treat myself to some new yarn, for whatever project I decide to do next. Just shows, doesn't it - one man's junk is another man's treasure, and all that!!

Speaking of which, I'm really 'in between projects' at the moment, I just can't decide what to do. I'd like to tackle a big crochet throw for the bed, maybe a ripple, but that requires new yarn in colours to match the bedroom. I'm still thinking of turning my flat circle into a stash bag, but that requires new yarn in similar bright colours. I haven't shaken off the cross-stitch bug and I'm thinking of starting a new project, but I looked at the chart and it's tiny, so I'd need to get it photocopied and enlarged before I could start that. And I've never really got into knitting, but I still want to, so I keep thinking I should find an easy knitting project to do, to ease myself into that, but I've no idea what. I don't feel anywhere near as confident about knitting, and I think I'm daunted by the prospect of sitting here on my own trying to figure out what the hell to do!! I'm worried that I'll get frustrated and give in too easily, which is preventing me from even starting something! Dumb, I know!

As well as doing something crafty, I really need to start reading, because my bookcases overfloweth!! I've just finished Michael McIntyre's autobiography on my Kindle (pretty good), but I think I'm going to have to step away from the ebook for a while and start reading some real books. I was also halfway through For Richer For Poorer by Victoria Coren, who is a tv/radio presenter and also happens to be a blimmin' good poker player. I'm not interested in poker at all, but I'd seen reviews which said that the book was still a great read even if you weren't into the game, so I thought I'd try it, as I quite like her. But the fact that I've been 'halfway through' it for about three months speaks volumes I guess, so I'm probably going to call it a day with that one. As far as real books go, I'm currently reading The Phantom Of The Opera by Gaston Leroux, because I've got a few 'classics' and I decided I should try and work my way through them. It's a good read, but of course it's helped by the fact that just about everyone knows the story thanks to the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical and the 2004 film. So I'm reading it, but picturing Raoul like this:

and 'The Opera Ghost' like this:

And somehow, that helps ;-)

In a tenuous Phantom Of The Opera - Michael Crawford - Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em link, I heard a little fact on the radio a few days ago which I just thought I'd share with you. It was one of those "Well, I never knew that! You learn something new every day!" moments. Apparently, the theme tune to Some Mothers... by Ronnie Hazlehurst features a piccolo spelling out the title in Morse Code, excluding the apostrophes. Up until a couple of minutes ago, I only had Stuart Maconie's (from 6music) word on that, but I've just checked it myself on the oracle that is Wikipedia, and it says so on there - it even has the dots and dashes to prove it! So there you go - are you as gobsmacked as I was or are you not as easily impressed as me?

Anyway, I think that's all for now. CJ has just picked loads of strawberries (the smell is now wafting in from the kitchen) so I'm going to go and save some before he takes the rest to his mum (who is making jam).

Bye for now!
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