Friday, 9 September 2011

Let's Raaaawwwck!!!

Many months ago we decided to strip the paper from our hall and staircase, and have it all freshly plastered. Chris got a quote from someone, but it was a bit on the high side so he thought "stuff that, I'll do it meself!!" He can turn his hand to most things, especially if it means he can save a bit of money. So he plastered one wall. Then a few weeks later, another one. Then a few weeks later, he started preparing the third one. Then over the summer he kind of got a bit distracted by going beekeeping in every available spare moment, and our poor hall and staircase just sat there, half-plastered.

I didn't nag him about it, because I thought I could use it to my advantage. I'm not exactly the tidiest person in the world, I have little pockets of 'mess' all over the house, and although he doesn't nag me about them, he occasionally asks if I'm going to tidy them. So I thought, if he says anything to me like "are you going to tidy that lot up?", I could remind him that we all have things that we should be doing, but that we just don't feel like dealing with... you know, like plastering...

Anyway, we've both had all this week off work (hence the flurry of blog posts) and at the start of the week, he finally conceded defeat and phoned a plasterer, who gave a reasonable quote and said he could do the work on Thursday and Friday this week. So we are getting plastered, as I type!!

The title of this post refers to the fact that the plasterer's radio station of choice seems to be a local 'soft rock' one, playing such delights as 'Land Of Confusion' by Genesis; 'Who Are You?' by The Who; 'Won't Back Down' by Tom Petty and 'Blaze Of Glory' by Bon Jovi. So I'm rocking out in my chair while I'm blogging :-)

We weren't sure what to do with the moggies. They're indoor cats, we never let them out, and since the plasterer is in and out all day, we needed to shut them in a room. We were going to put them in the bedroom, but that would mean they'd be away from their food and litter tray all day, so instead I decided to bring them both into the living room and shut them in here with me. Mischief is fine with it; he's a bit restless cos he's just really nosy and wants to know what's going on at the other side of the door. Millie is a different kettle of fish. She's unbelievably timid with pretty much everyone except me, and at the sound of a stranger's voice, or even if someone knocks at the door, she burrows under the bedsheets and hides. She spends almost all her time upstairs, so being shut downstairs in the living room did not go down well with her. So to try and make her feel a bit better, I've made her a little hidey-hole on the armchair, by piling up some cushions and putting a throw over it that she can hide under. She's a lot more relaxed now. Although I don't think she was too impressed at having her photo taken.

Ooh, 'Boys Of Summer' by Don Henley, one of my favourites :-)


  1. Michelle, I can't keep up with you, you are a blogging frenzy at the moment. Loving all the old books, I love books, like I love yarn. Ohh how exciting for you, your walls getting plastered.
    x Sandi

  2. P.S I love your little kittie too, so sweet. x


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