Wednesday, 7 September 2011

New Feature!!

I say 'new' feature, but I don't really have any others, do I?

Anyway, my New Feature is called... drum roll... "Funny Shop Name Of The Week" (you can sing that in a Harry Hill's TV Burp style, if you're familiar with that show. If not, sing it in any style you want).

'Funny Shop Name' is fairly self-explanatory, but the 'Of The Week' bit will, I suspect, become more 'as and when I spot another'.

Sadly, my new feature has already fallen at the first hurdle, because I saw a Funny Shop Name this morning but didn't manage to take a photo of it, as we were just driving past. Anti-climax, I know. So you're just going to have to take my word for it.

Here we go then, picture the scene: It's a Cake Decorating Supplies shop called..............

Board To Tiers



  1. Oh that is the BEST name ever!!!! I love it!! What a brill idea. Will keep my eyes posted for shop names.
    I find hair salons tend to have the best ones. Can't think of examples now as brain dead tonight.
    Hope all well at your end.
    And I am singing it in the Harry Hill style.
    LOVE IT!!!
    x x xx

  2. What the hell does Ithangyow mean by the way????

  3. It's saying "I Thank You" in a kind of, erm, can't think how to describe it. It's like the 'ba-dum-tish' drum/cymbal thing at the end of a bad joke, usually by some dodgy comedian/compere. Think Tommy Cooper / Jerry St Clair in Phoenix Nights / Vic Reeves singing in the club style, that kind of person.
    Know what you mean about hair salons, first one that springs to mind is Curl Up And Dye!


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