Saturday, 17 September 2011

A Triple Bill

Good to tell I went back to work last week, after my week off - the blogging stopped!

I've had a lazy day today. Chris was out all day on a 'bee thing', so in between doing a few loads of washing, I've basically sat and watched some of these:

Hmm, what shall I watch??
while doing a bit of this:

Treble, treble, treble, chain, treble, treble, treble...
and eating this:

Coffee and toast
and, um, snacking on these:

Mmm, dolly mixtures - my favourite!

I've unintentionally had a bit of a Judi-Dench-and-Maggie-Smith-athon, because I started out watching Notes On A Scandal, starring Judi and Cate Blanchett. I've had the dvd for a few years, but never watched it before. Cate B plays a teacher, Sheba, who has an affair with a student, and Judi is an older spinster-with-a-cat type teacher, Barbara, at the same school, who finds out about it. It wasn't a bad film, but I can't say it blew me away either. I found parts of it kind of far-fetched, and I didn't really like the characters or find them believable.

Next I watched another film which I've had for ages, but never watched before, Ladies In Lavender. This stars Judi again and Maggie Smith as sisters living together in a cottage on the Cornish coast in the 1930's. The morning after a storm they find a young man washed up on the beach, and they take him into their home and nurse him back to health. They discover he's Polish and can't speak English, although over time they teach him the language. They also find that he can play the violin really well. It's quite a sweet little film, although in a way not a lot happens in it. The story of how he came to be washed up on the beach is never really explained; I think we're meant to assume that he fell from a ship during the storm, and I think at first he may have suffered some memory loss. Judi Dench and Maggie Smith are great in it, and I was quite envious of their little coastal cottage. Although mine would be on the west coast of Scotland, not Cornwall. No offence, Cornwall.

I managed a third film, although I've had to stop it half way through while we had tea, and Chris has just been watching Dr Who, so I'll have to pick it up again in a little while. I chose Gosford Park, which I've seen a few times, but I really like, and which just so happens to star, yep, Maggie Smith! Amongst a brilliant cast which also includes the likes of Helen Mirren, Michael Gambon, Clive Owen, Richard E Grant, Kristen Scott Thomas, Emily Watson and Stephen Fry. It's a great little murder mystery, and I love the different perspectives of the upper class and the servants down below. I also think it's great that people like Helen Mirren and Richard E Grant, who so easily could've been cast as members of the upper class, were instead cast 'against type' I guess, as the working class.

The crochet that I'm doing is the latest cat blanket, where I tied all my oddments of yarn together and I'm just doing one big randomly patterned granny square. I reckon it's either going to look pretty good when it's finished, or absolutely hideous, depending on how the colours work out. I'm sure the cats won't mind, either way.

I don't know what the weather's been like where you are, but yesterday we had a MASSIVE thunderstorm! Chris picked me up from work and we went for a meal - at this point, it was just a bit drizzly. Towards the end of the meal, we realised the rain was a lot heavier, and we could hear thunder, and then we noticed it was lightning as well. We got in the car and started driving home, and I'm not kidding, the rain was almost of BIBLICAL proportions!! I've never seen anything like it! In fact, I don't know how Chris was managing to drive, because even with the wipers going full speed, I couldn't even see the road through the rain hitting the windscreen. And the amount of water on the road! These weren't puddles, it was like driving through small lakes in places! Eventually the rain eased a bit, and then the sun came out and there was a gorgeous double rainbow, which I managed to take a photo of:

A bit further on, I noticed the clouds looked kind of strange - I guess it was the storm moving further away. I always think of the word 'apocalyptic' when the sky's like this. So I got a few more pics, but this was while we were driving so they're a bit blurry, and they don't really do justice to how amazing it looked:

It was strange seeing the 'bottom' of the cloud, and then blue sky underneath

Another little rainbow, in the clouds
It was definitely an exhilarating drive home!!

Insect news, now. A couple of weeks ago at work, I picked my bag up from under my desk and there was a strange little creature on it. I showed a colleague, and then evicted it outside (like I said before, I don't kill anything if I can help it). I'd never seen anything like it before but I was curious to know what it was, so I tried looking it up on the internet. Eventually I found something which I thought might've been it, but by this time I was kind of forgetting what it looked like. Anyway, last week another one appeared on the desk of another colleague (a male, who wouldn't touch it!), so I caught it and put it in a plastic tub that I keep paperclips in (I tipped them all out first). This time, I remembered to take a photo of it, and here it is:

Excuse the dust!
As far as I can tell, this is a firebrat, a relative of the silverfish. Apparently they prefer hot humid places, so I'm not quite sure what they're doing in our office, although I think they feed on paper, book bindings etc, of which we have a lot. After I'd walked round showing everyone the new 'office pet' I evicted it outside, feeling quite guilty and hoping it would survive. It's quite pretty, really.

Anyway, I think that's all for now, I'm going to finish watching Gosford Park. Even though I've seen it a few times, my memory is so bad when it comes to film plots, I can't actually remember how it ends, so it'll be a surprise. Again!

P.S. I was shocked to discover this week that I'm actually two years OLDER than Postman Pat!! I mean, what's that all about??!!

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  1. Love your rainbow photos, and I laughed at the Postman Pat comment! I'm way more than 2 years older!!! :-)


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