Tuesday, 29 November 2011


My father passed away this morning.

That's the third death to occur within my family in the last five months. I don't know how much more we can take. Enough, please.

I'll miss you so much dad xxx

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rest In Peace

Just heard the news that the footballer Gary Speed has been found hanged at his home, aged 42.

In my teens I had a massive crush on him, when he played for Leeds Utd. I had posters everywhere, and I even went to meet him one day when he was doing a signing in a sports shop. I got his autograph, and had my photo taken with him. I kind of embarassed myself in front of him (nothing terrible, just fumbling around in my bag for a picture for him to sign) and funnily enough, my crush kind of fizzled out not long after that! I lost interest in football too, but I kind of always had a soft spot for him, so I was devastated when I heard what had happened.

If it's true that this was suicide (I'm only going by what I've read so far on the news websites), then he must've had some serious inner torment that drove him to this tragic act. I hope he's free of it now, and in a better place. I just wish he'd found some other way to deal with it, for his own sake and the sake of his family and friends.

My thoughts are with them.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

I Like Driving In My Car!!

Ooh, I'm a bit rubbish at this blogging malarkey, aren't I? I've even had this week off work, and usually that means a brief flurry of posts, but it's kind of been all go and I just don't seem to have found the time. Anyway, I hope you're well - done all your Christmas shopping yet??

So, things that I/we wanted to get done this week:

1. Buy a new car, for me!
2. Decorate the living room and stairs, now that we've had them plastered
3. Do some Christmas shopping
4. Have a general 'get-the-place-ready-for-Christmas' kind of tidy-up
5. Any other business

Things that we've done this week:

1. I bought a new car!! Wippee!!

Yeah, that's it.

I've been wanting a new car for a year or two. I've had a Nissan Micra for about 6 years, which to be fair has served me very well, always sailing through it's MOT's. But it was a bit slow, it didn't have much 'oomph' if you know what I mean, and it was small too, and I felt ready to get something a bit bigger. When we've gone on holiday we've always gone in Chris' car, which is an estate, but he's been talking about getting himself a little van, and I didn't fancy going away in a van, so I suggested that if I got the 'family' car (ie. big enough for all our luggage and the big crate that the cats travel in), he'd be able to get a van and we'd use my car for holidays etc. So Tuesday was the big day. Off we tootled to the car auctions. We'd had a look at a few MPV's and I seemed to have settled on a Vauxhall Zafira. Looking in the catalogue, there were a few going through the auction, so we waited and waited. The first one to go through looked really nice, so Chris got himself in a position where the auctioneer could see him, while I stayed off to the side, hardly daring to watch. He bid once, and it was all over. The hammer came down - we'd got the car!! There was no tax, MOT or insurance so obviously we couldn't drive it away, so the next day he hired a car trailer and went to pick it up, then took it for it's MOT, which it passed. The garage brought it home for us and parked it on the drive, and then on Thursday I got my insurance swapped over, and then paid my road tax, and then it was all legal!! So off we went for a spin! Over to my parents, and then over to Chris' mum and dad, to show it off. It feels a bit strange, and obviously quite different from the Micra. It's bigger, it does have a lot more 'oomph' thankfully(!), and there's the usual little things like getting used to the gears and the pedals being slightly different. But we went out for a long drive on Friday, and today I took my mum out for a bit, and I'm getting better each day, so I hope I won't be long before I'm really comfortable driving it. I'm back at work on Monday, so driving into town and back every day will soon get me used to it, I'm sure. I should have taken a photo of it really, but I never thought. I might do tomorrow. (Y'know, just in case you've never seen one!)(I realise I might be the only one who's excited about getting a new car!) So I know you're probably thinking, ok you bought a car, that hasn't taken all week, why couldn't you get anything else done? There's been lots of to-ing and fro-ing though, and it did kind of take up part of Tuesday, a lot of Wednesday, and then Thursday morning, and then I've been out driving it on Thursday afternoon, Friday and today (and probably tomorrow aswell). And the rest of the time I was probably too excited to do anything else!

Speaking of photos, I'm ridiculously late with my November ones. I did take some a couple of weeks back, and I was going to upload them this evening, but my camera battery was flat so it's currently charging and I might have to try and post them tomorrow, unless it charges up in the next hour or so.

So as for the other things on the list, no, we haven't managed to do any painting. Chris did give the living room one coat a couple of weeks back, so it's not looking bad, but obviously it needs finishing, and we've still got all the stairs to do. We're really going to have to make an effort to get it done.

I did actually manage a little bit of Christmas shopping, but only online. I've had a few things delivered, and I've got a few other ideas of what to get, it's just a question of getting to the shops. I'll probably start going shopping after work a few times.

I haven't really had the 'tidy-up', but I'll have to move things when we decorate, so that might spur me on to tidy other rooms as well. I can't blame Chris - it's all my mess, I'm afraid. I have little pockets of 'untidiness' all over the house.

I'm still rippling, two rows of each colour and I think I might be on my 5th or 6th colour now, although I haven't done any for a while. I might do a photo update, if I remember.

I should've added 'reading' to the list above, because I have actually read two(-and-a-bit) books. I've got a few thriller-type paperbacks which are not always my thing, but I don't like giving books away if I haven't read them first. A woman at work likes them though, so I've decided to try and read them all really quickly and then take them in for her - she reads them and then takes them round to the fundraising office, who sell them around the hospital. So I've read a couple, but there was a third one which I started but I just wasn't getting into, so I abandoned it. I don't usually do that - I always keep going with a book, even if I don't really enjoy it. But I kind of had an epiphany and thought "Michelle - if you don't like it, just don't finish it!" In fact, I've got four books to take for her, because there was another which I just didn't even bother to start, cos I didn't like the sound of it. So I'm slowly making space on my bookshelves again (partly because I've asked for some new books for Christmas!)

Oh, the battery light has gone green, so we're fully charged again!

Hmm, not really worth waiting for... I'm definitely not doing this next year, you'll be pleased to know!

Oh, I've just remembered what we did on Tuesday, after we'd been to the car auction. We went to see Breaking Yawn Dawn. Don't get me wrong, after I finally got around to reading the books, years after everyone else (always late to the party, me), I turned into a bit of a Twi-hard, and I couldn't wait to see this film. But it was a bit dull, to be honest. They could've definitely fit the last book into one film, instead of splitting it into two. I think it was probably poorly-directed, because they'd have these long 15-20 second shots of Bella's face, and it would basically just be her frowning. Because that's all she does. I'm sure we were supposed to see some kind of emotion in her eyes, but nope, nothing. I've seen better actors on Neighbours. Ooh, miaow! Seriously, I wanted to love it, but I didn't. I hope Part 2 will be a bit more exciting.

A film that I am looking forwards to, although it's not out till February, is The Woman In Black starring Daniel Radcliffe! I am almost beside myself with excitement for this!! I love a good ol' Gothic ghost story, and Susan Hill knows how to write one. This is the trailer:

Can. Not. Wait!!!

In a slight change of style, I watched Strictly tonight. Loving Harry, loving Chelsee, got a soft spot for Robbie, finding Jason a bit dull, a bit indifferent to Alex, liking Holly, Anita to go this week. And someone sack that bloody awful female singer!! I can sing better than her, and I can't even sing!

I've just re-read this post and it's really obvious that I'm writing it in a rush, sorry about that. It's 10pm and I'm tired and I want to go to bed. I can't have too much of a lie-in tomorrow as I need to get up and get ready, because we're going for Sunday dinner ( a carvery) with Chris' parents. I might be driving, although it will involve the M62 and the A1, two very busy roads which I generally avoid like the plague (I don't like the big scary lorries!) But it will be good practice I suppose, and it'll all help with me 'getting to know' my new car, so I might be brave!

Anyway, I think that's all for now, I really should go and get my beauty sleep.

Aaaaaandd.... breathe!
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