Saturday, 24 December 2011

And So This Is Christmas...

I hope you have fun
The near and the dear ones
The old and the young...

Well, it's been a difficult few weeks. Obviously there's never an easy time to lose someone, but at Christmas you seem to be even more acutely aware of the people who are missing from your life. My mum decided that she still wanted to go ahead and try to have as 'normal' a Christmas as possible though, so that's what we're going to do. It's always been a fairly quiet affair in my family, so I imagine it will be much the same, if a little more subdued than usual.

I haven't been feeling very festive until a few days ago - I've been off work and spending most days with my mum, helping her sort things out, so it's been quite hectic. Chris and I only got around to putting our trimmings up about three days ago. For the last couple of years we've selfishly deprived the cats of their favourite toy - The Christmas Tree - and had a tree-less Christmas, but I still think we manage to make the place look quite nice. We put fairy lights all the way around the living room, out of paws reach (apart from near the bookcase), and wrap a bit of tinsel around them too in places. This year all the cards are on the fireplace/hearth (don't worry, we never really use the fire) plus one or two ornaments. The photo doesn't really do it justice, it looks more twinkly and Christmassy really.

Mischief on his new favourite blanket... well, it's mine, but we share
Inspired by something I saw on Pinterest, I thought I'd treat myself and paint my nails. I love nail polish, but I don't wear it as often as I used to, I must be busier now than I used to be!

The Pinterest Version
My Version - nailed it, right?
In my defence, it was my first attempt, and I don't have any fancy nail art equipment or anything like that - I was just using the normal nail polish brushes and lets face it, they're not made for precision or fine detail. So they're not perfect, but they're not bad, I guess.

Today I took the last of my garden photos (better late than never). At some point during the year I thought of taking a photo each month of a tree at the end of our garden, but I haven't always managed to get exactly the same shot. However, today I downloaded Picasa to have a go at one of those collages that I see on so many other blogs, and here is my attempt with the tree - January to December, from top left to bottom right:

I think we may see more collages next year, now that I've just discovered it! (Late to the party, as always!)

I don't know what's up with the cats just lately, but I keep finding them... sitting next to each other, shock, horror!! They get on really well generally, but Mischief kind of 'tolerates' Millie most of the time; if he's on the bed and she gets up next to him, he'll go somewhere else. I think he just likes his personal space. So it's kind of strange to see them this close together:

"Oh no, she's here with the camera again..."

"I'm so bored of having my photo taken..."

"I'm not even going to look at her this time..."
Earlier I got Millie on her own, in the same spot, looking adorable:

Just a-sitting in a sunbeam!!
In wildlife news, the squirrels are back! There were two of them the other day, queueing up to get to the bird feeder, but for some reason every photo I took came out blurry - I obviously need to get practicing again. Chris spotted one this morning though, and then realised what it was up to. We have a blue bin that we keep bird food in. The bin has a lid. The bin is behind the wheelie bin, next to the black thing, which is actually a wormery.

I don't know how the lid became seperated from the bin, I'm sure it's usually got a brick on it, but anyway, the squirrel was just about to take full advantage:

He was probably in there a minute or so before Chris went out and put the lid back on.

Anyway, I think that's about all for now. I'll just leave you with a splash of colour, some flowers that Chris bought me last week:

Have a very happy and peaceful Christmas, and enjoy the company of loved ones.


  1. Just finally got a chance to catch up with some blogs borrowing wifi (I still have no internet in my new home!) and so sorry to hear you have had such a sad time. Wishing you lots of love and good wishes for 2012, I'm planning on positive things for next year, won't be sorry to leave this year behind and I'm sure you won't either. Think you are so right about enjoying the company of those we love, take good care and have the best Christmas you can xx

  2. Thanks Sandra, same to you and here's to a better 2012! xx

  3. Hi Michelle your nails look good, I am rubish at doing things like that. I hope you managed to have a lovely day with the ones you love. Here's cheers to a much better 2012.
    xx Sandi

  4. Thanks Sandi, wishing you a happy 2012! xx


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