Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Happy 17th Birthday...

... to my pacemaker! Thanks for being my back-up battery all these years!

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Morning

I was up before 7am this morning, basically because that's the time Mischief decided I should get up. His technique generally consists of walking around on my pillow and chewing my hair, trying to lick my nose (I cover my face with my hands, and then he tries to lick them instead) and then leaping over my head onto my side, or if I'm laid on my back, onto my belly, usually in the 'bladder region' which is pretty much guaranteed to make me get up and head straight to the bathroom. Which is what he wants, because he then goes and sits in the bath and pathetically tries to drink from the slightly dripping tap, as if he hasn't got a fancy flippin' water fountain thing in the kitchen!

But as you can see, I'm not bitter about getting up early on a Sunday morning. No siree, because I got all my ironing done first thing and now the rest of the day is mine!

So I'm sitting here doing a bit more of this:

It's ridiculously big already, in width, that is. I've decided that the only way it's going to be usable once it's finished is if we buy a king-size bed. We might need to buy a new house first though, with a bedroom big enough for a king-size bed. I don't know, the things we do for our art!! :-)

I'm also keeping an eye on my Ebay sales, which are due to finish imminently:

I'm selling some things for my mum, so that £30 (or whatever it ends up at) is for her. The £3.20 is mine though :-) I just wish the other items with watchers would get some last minute bids!

We've had some heavy showers this morning. When I took this photo the sky was still quite grey, but the sun was trying to come out, so the trees had that lush green look.

The sun did make it out eventually, and there must've been some warmth in it because I could actually see steam coming off the garage roof!

I am also in the company of two cats. Millie is sitting in the washing basket:

... because that is what cats do...
And Mischief-who-wanted-to-get-up-early is now...

... curled up asleep on the bed where, I imagine, he will remain for several hours, recharging his batteries so that he'll be wide awake again just as we're going to bed tonight.

I hope you're having a pleasant, relaxing Sunday morning too!

Bye for now :-)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Busy Busy!!!


I haven't had much time for blogging recently, and I'll give you a clue as to why:

Yes, we're in the process of fitting a new kitchen! So there are boxes of flat-pack units EVERYWHERE, and it's all a bit chaotic. I do like a bit of 'self-assembly' though, and I'm quite impressed with myself because so far I've built nine units, almost all by myself (Chris attaches the hanging brackets or the legs, and generally goes round tightening all the screws because I'm a bit of a weedy weakling and I don't always get them tight enough, although I'm getting better at that). By the time we finish I'll have probably built, or helped to build, another six, I think. So I'll be very proud of this kitchen when it's all finished, knowing that it was mostly assembled by my own fair hands!

Tomorrow's jobs are capping off a gas pipe (we've decided to go fully electric, no more gas hob), taking out the remaining units on the oven/hob side of the kitchen and fitting the new ones, including fitting the new oven. Chris is trying to find someone who can make a good job of cutting the new worktop, so for now we'll have the old worktop put back on the new units, which will mean we'll be without the hob for a few days. But we can live with that. Once that side of the kitchen is done, it'll be onto the other side, which is where the sink is. I can't tell you how excited I am at the thought of getting a lovely stainless steel sink, because the one we've got now is a 'composite' one (if that's the right word?). It's a kind of cream colour, but it's quite badly stained (from the previous owners) and no amount of cleaning products or elbow grease has ever been able to clean it up. So I can't wait to get a new shiny sink that will be so much easier to keep clean!

So yes, it's going to be a busy Easter weekend, and coming few weeks too (we haven't even decided about tiles or flooring yet!), but I'll try and pop in when I can.

Bye for now!!
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