Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Hob Has Landed!!!

Finally, after several weeks without, we finally have a hob again! And it's a lovely shiny black ceramic one, which nestles snugly in our new glossy black worktop! I loves it! Chris only fitted it this afternoon, so we haven't cooked anything on it yet. Can't wait to get a pan of spuds and some veg on there though!

Obviously there's still loads more jobs to do, tiling to name but one, but it's starting to look a bit more like a kitchen now.

Holy moly, as I was typing the above, a heron just landed in the tree outside!!! And I'd just put my flippin' camera away! It only perched there for a couple of seconds though and then flew away. I bet it's after the fish in next-door's pond, they better keep an eye on them...

Speaking of which, Chris announced the other day that he's been thinking about having a change in the garden, like re-turfing it and making a flower border. He quickly changed his mind about the grass because he can't be bothered mowing it (which is fair enough, I wouldn't want to either), but he's still thinking about planting more flowers. I've wittered on mentioned a few times about having a pond, and he even seems to have come around to that idea. The strawberries have just started flowering now though, so obviously he won't be doing anything until much later in the year, but I'm already getting excited at the thought of having flowers in the garden, and a pond would be even better!

* * *

I've been thinking over the last few days about joining a local WI group. Well, I probably wouldn't join straight away, but I could go along to a meeting and see what I think about it. I'm having a lot of doubts though. I'm nervous about going along the first time, as I'll be on my own, and it's never nice walking into a place on your own when you don't know anyone. I'm also not sure if the WI is really for me. The group I'm thinking of joining get together and do 'crafty' things - I really like the idea of sitting there doing my crochet and having a natter. But obviously there's a serious side to the WI aswell, with all the campaigning they do. I'm not a very 'opinionated' person, I never have very strong feelings about anything, so I'm worried that I might not be committed enough to that side of things. I'm also not a pro-active, organising, round-everybody-up-and-spur-them-into-action type of person, I prefer to just blend into the background. I feel as though there'll be lots of really strong characters there, and I'm just too much of a shrinking violet! So I don't know whether I'll go to the meeting or chicken out of it - I'll keep you posted. Any words of encouragement would be much appreciated! I did think that, if the WI isn't for me, maybe I just need to find a local craft group, but nothing has shown up when I googled. So then I thought about starting my own, but like I said, I'm not really very good at organising events or anything like that. I probably shouldn't try and run before I can walk...

* * *

The ripple blanket is coming along nicely. I forgot to take a photo earlier, but I've added a few more rows since last time. For the past few evenings, I've been doing my crochet whilst catching up on one of my favourite programmes on iplayer - Silent Witness (or Witless Silence as I call it, thanks to a French & Saunders sketch from a few years ago!). I never used to like it, but I came across an episode last year whilst flicking channels, and I was hooked. I didn't realise there was a new series on, but luckily I've been able to catch up with all the episodes I'd missed and I'm now up to date and waiting for the next one, which I think is Sunday evening. I don't know whether to watch it on tv though, or save it for later on the iplayer. Decisions, decisions. Do you watch it? I find the three main characters all very likeable, although that Leo's a right one, isn't he? Harry's lovely, as is Nikki - I want her bone structure please! (*girl crush alert*)

* * *

I completely forgot to mention, but a few weeks ago I was nominated for another award. I don't really 'do' awards (not that I've had many, I think this is my second!), but it's still lovely to receive one. I was nominated by Simply Scandinavian, who blog about home interiors with a Scandinavian feel, aswell as shabby chic, English country and other vintage styles. I believe they have an online shop too. So if that's your kind of thing, why not pop over there and have a look around. Thank you for the award, ladies! 

Anyway, I think that's all for now. I've just finished another row on my ripple and I need to join my next colour!

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