Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Is It Me....

..... or is there something... not quite right about this sign?


Have you ever seen a frog yawn?*

Answer: You have now.

* I don't actually know if it was yawning. I'm not David Attenborough.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Things That Go 'Tap' In The Night

So there I was, fast asleep, dreaming sweet dreams, when I was roused from my slumbers by a gentle but persistent tapping on my arm. My first thought was, oh no, I've slept in and Chris is waking me up. I glanced bleary-eyed at my bedside clock, and it was 4.30am. Hmm, I haven't slept in then, my alarm doesn't go off until 5am, and then I usually have a few extra minutes. I turned to Chris, and this is the conversation that followed:

Him: "Yay, a real person"
Me: "What???"
Him: "A real person!"
Me: "I don't understand why you're saying that to me?!"
Him: "I just wanted to check that you were a real person, and not a cartoon or a cardboard cut-out"
Me: "And you woke me up just to do that?"
Him: "Oh, sorry..."

He was asleep again within about 30 seconds, I lay there for 10 minutes, really annoyed that he'd woken me up and spoiled the last half hour of my sleep!!

When I got in from work this afternoon I said "See? A real person!" - he had no idea what I was talking about, and he couldn't remember any of the conversation...

It's not the first time he's done something like this. The other time, he grabbed me by the wrists and pulled me to a sitting position. I'd been sound asleep, and just for a second I thought someone had broken into the house, and I was about to be attacked. I quickly realised it was him, and said "What's up?" and he said "Oh, nothing, go back to sleep..." I was so tired, I did just that. The next morning I asked him what it was all about and he said "I thought there was a rat on your pillow... but it was just your hair"!!! Charming!!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ripple Update

Hello, long time no blog, again!! Hope you're well.

Just thought I'd give you an update on my ripple blanket, the one I started around October 2011. Here it is:

Yep, I frogged it, all the way back to the first row. I was on my 35th 'stripe', and as it was two rows per colour, that meant I was on my 70th row. I was doing a bit of al fresco crochet in the garden this morning, feeling the warmth from that strange round yellow thing in the sky, and wondering why it wasn't raining again, when halfway through row 70 I just thought "I'm not happy with this blanket, I really should start it again". So I brought it inside and laid it over the foot of the bed. It touched the floor on one side, and trailed on the floor on the other side. That was bad enough, but the thing that really decided it for me was the thought that I'd want to put a border on it when it was finished, and that could add another two or three inches all the way round. It was just too big. I mean, stupidly massive. In fact, guess how wide it was? Go on, have a guess. Ok I'll tell you...

... 9 feet and 2 inches. I know!! I was only supposed to be making a throw for the bed, but instead I was on my way to crocheting a flippin' carpet for the bedroom!!

So, I started frogging, and I think that took me nearly two hours. Eventually I got back to the first row, laid a tape measure along the bottom of the bed, and unravelled it back to the length I wanted. I made sure I counted along the foundation chain carefully, putting a stitch marker in every 14th chain, and leaving three at the end. Then I started stitching into each chain, which was slightly easier than the first time because the holes had already been stretched a little bit. I've got to the end and started back the other way, but I've broken off for a bit to write this. Hopefully though, because it's not as wide, it won't take me as long to do each row and I might be able to get back to where I was fairly soon. I'm hoping I don't have too much wasted yarn, but considering how much shorter it is, I'm hoping that there will be a reasonable amount left over, that might come in for something else, like the centres of some granny squares, or something like that.

So how wide is it? Well, it is now a far more manageable 4 feet wide - I'm hoping that this will allow for a bit of stretch (although being smaller it won't be as heavy), and also allow for whatever size border I put on it.

Speaking of heavy, I actually struggled to lift it, which was another thing that made me decide to start again. We've got a big cotton throw that we usually have on the bed, to try and keep cat hairs off the bedding. The other day, Mischief was sick on it (sorry), so it went in the washer, and it's obviously really heavy when it comes out wet. Then it takes two days to dry on the line. I dread to think what this blanket would've been like if it had needed to be washed after it was finished. At least this new smaller size is more practical.

I thought I might've felt really gutted at having to frog it all, and I was worried that halfway through I'd change my mind, but actually the overwhelming feeling was one of relief. I wasn't happy with the blanket, so I've done something about it, and I'm really pleased that I have. I'm just annoyed that I didn't do it a lot sooner, because I've known for ages that it was too big. But even back then, I felt like I'd got 'too far' to stop, so I just carried on. Obviously I'd got even further this time, but I knew that if I kept going and finished it, I wouldn't be happy with it in the end, so it was better to stop when I did than do any more. Hopefully it won't take long to start taking shape again.

Right, I'm off to get a drink, and then I'm going to carry on and see how much more I get done this evening.

Bye for now!
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