Monday, 23 July 2012

Things That Go 'Tap' In The Night

So there I was, fast asleep, dreaming sweet dreams, when I was roused from my slumbers by a gentle but persistent tapping on my arm. My first thought was, oh no, I've slept in and Chris is waking me up. I glanced bleary-eyed at my bedside clock, and it was 4.30am. Hmm, I haven't slept in then, my alarm doesn't go off until 5am, and then I usually have a few extra minutes. I turned to Chris, and this is the conversation that followed:

Him: "Yay, a real person"
Me: "What???"
Him: "A real person!"
Me: "I don't understand why you're saying that to me?!"
Him: "I just wanted to check that you were a real person, and not a cartoon or a cardboard cut-out"
Me: "And you woke me up just to do that?"
Him: "Oh, sorry..."

He was asleep again within about 30 seconds, I lay there for 10 minutes, really annoyed that he'd woken me up and spoiled the last half hour of my sleep!!

When I got in from work this afternoon I said "See? A real person!" - he had no idea what I was talking about, and he couldn't remember any of the conversation...

It's not the first time he's done something like this. The other time, he grabbed me by the wrists and pulled me to a sitting position. I'd been sound asleep, and just for a second I thought someone had broken into the house, and I was about to be attacked. I quickly realised it was him, and said "What's up?" and he said "Oh, nothing, go back to sleep..." I was so tired, I did just that. The next morning I asked him what it was all about and he said "I thought there was a rat on your pillow... but it was just your hair"!!! Charming!!


  1. Ha ha this made me laugh out loud!!!!!!!
    X x x

  2. I wasn't laughing at 4.30 this morning... but I can see the funny side now!

  3. How funny!

    My friends husband in times of stress (even mild stress) grabs hold of her and shouts "It's OK! I've got you!" and then goes back to sleep while she is left there with her heart racing.

    I've been known to gather all the children into our bed because there was glass in there beds. What on earth????


  4. funny what the brain can do in sleep state! My middle son used to come downstairs and have a perfectly rational conversation which he would have no recollection of at all in the morning! Oh and a less amusing habit of sleep walking into various parts of the house when he really meant to head for the bathroom!! I'll let you work out the consequences!! xx


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