Sunday, 19 August 2012

Black Cat Appreciation Day

So it appears that the 17th August was Black Cat Appreciation Day. I don't know if this is just an American thing or a worldwide event, and I realise I'm a couple of days late, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate my very own black cat, Mischief.

Aww, look at him, all curled up asleep on the chair:

While he was sitting there, sleeping peacefully, I thought I'd sit on the sofa and do a bit of crochet. My new Mk 2 blanket is coming on leaps and bounds, now that each row is 5ft shorter. However, it transpires that Mischief was merely resting his eyes, and on seeing me settle down with my blanket, he thought he'd wander over to help:

Just a touch, for quality control purposes...

He was just a teensy-weensy bit in the way there, so I gently persuaded him to sit next to me, on the hairy faux-sheepskin-type blanket that my mum gave me, which he absolutely loves. He agreed, but kept one paw on my arm, just to let me know he was still there to offer his support, if I needed it:

"Don't worry - I'm here"

After a while, he must've thought it was getting a bit dull, and, worried I might strain my eyes, he decided to stretch out on the windowsill and part the blinds, to let in more light, like the excellent assistant that he is:

Yes, our front garden is a bit 'Day Of The Triffids'...
Eventually, he decided "Enough's enough! Michelle, you are working too hard on that blanket! I must rest my head You must rest your arm for a moment, here, I will hold it still for you. With my head. And my paw."

So I stopped. I had no choice. My trusty assistant Mischief had saved me from some horrible crochet-induced Repetitive Strain Injury, thank heavens for him. When he was satisfied that there would be no more of that nonsense, he retired to the hairy blanket.

My work here is done...

Thank you, and good night

So yes Mischief, when I'm trying to crochet you have the most annoying habit of getting between me and 'it', and although I love it when you want to sit on my lap and have cuddles, you can be a little bit too clingy at times. But I love you to bits, and I wouldn't have you any other way. Most of the time.

* * *

In the interests of fairness, I can't leave Millie out, can I?


 However, this is what she looks like most of the day:

A bump under the duvet
She spends almost all day under the duvet, asleep. Sometimes I think it's because she hears voices outside, like the neighbours, and she hides, because she's really timid. But mostly, I think it's just that she's incredibly lazy. Actually, speak of the devil, she's just come downstairs now, for an evening snack. But trust me, she's been under that duvet all day...

* * *

In other animal news, did I mention a few months back that we were looking after some baby geese? These were they, just here overnight:

I think there were five. Or maybe six.
And here they are now, all growed up!:

With mum and dad. And maybe another relative, if there were only 5 babies...

Brace yourself, there's more! (More animals, not more geese).

I was a bit warm this evening after tea, so I thought I'd go and sit in the garden to cool off. It's been a hot weekend for most of the UK, although I believe the North has been around 10 degrees lower than the South. It was probably low 20's here, but we had some spots of rain, hence it had come a bit cooler this evening. So there I was, sitting out in the garden, when I heard a kind of snuffling sound coming from my right. I was sitting close to the half-barrel - our 'water feature' - and I noticed some of the foliage around the edge of it moving. I assumed it was a frog, but when I peered through the leaves, it was actually a hedgehog!! I know they're really common, but we haven't seen one in the garden for a couple of years so I got a bit giddy and started talking to it, like I'm some kind of Dr Dolittle. I was worried that it might fall into the water if it was trying to get a drink (we do have a ramp though for the frogs to get in and out, so hopefully it would've found that), but I decided the best thing was to give it a bowl of water, and try and encourage it to move away from the pond. I also had a quick google to find out what I could feed it. I knew bread and milk was a BIG NO-NO, but apparently dried cat biscuits are fine, as long as they're not fish-flavoured. Ours are on turkey at the moment, so he got a little dishful of biccies too. He had a really good snack, and drank quite a lot of water, before toddling off and eventually going through the hedge into next-door's garden:

Hedgehogs. Why can't they just share the hedge? © Dan Antopolski 

* * *

And finally, I took a silly photo of my house giving 'the finger':


Oh actually, that wasn't 'finally', because I also wanted to say - the Olympics!! I flippin' loved it, and I'm not remotely sporty!! And no, it hasn't inspired me to take up a sport because, hey, I know my limits, but still, it was fab! I even won the office sweepstake, because I drew the USA (and, ahem,  Slovakia), although we didn't pay any money to take part, so technically I didn't win anything, and the person who organised it has been strangely quiet ever since, but still, I won! Yay me!

Almost as exciting as the Olympics, for me at least, but not so much for the rest of the world, is the news that our kitchen is nearly finished!! We 'got a man in' to do the tiling, and he's obviously done a much better job than if we'd done it ourselves, an option which was considered, for a time. The tiles look lovely, and the only thing left to do is a little bit of touch-up painting, and then get some new flooring. And then it will be complete! With a bit of luck, it may take us less than a whole year!! (We don't like to rush things in this house, y'know).

Anyway, I think that's it. Finally.

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