Saturday, 26 January 2013


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I was just sorting through my photo folders, and I realised I never showed you the cupcakes that I secretly bought for Chris' birthday in December. Somebody at work makes them (not a colleague of mine, just someone in the Trust) and when I saw her advertising her wares with a photo of these, I thought "they're perfect!" As I mentioned before, he's a beekeeper :-)

Beautifully presented
Cute little sugar paste bees!
 They were caremel flavoured sponge with vanilla buttercream icing, and they were delicious!!

Speaking of birthdays, it was mine on Thursday. We'd both got the day off (and Friday too) so after a quick visit to my mum, we went for the 1pm showing of Les Miserables. The good thing about going at that time, and when the film has been out for a couple of weeks already, was that there was hardly anyone else in the cinema, and they were all pensioners - we were the youngest ones there! And when there's a quiet bit in the film, everyone is completely silent. No silly giggling schoolgirls. No boys messing about on the back row. Just a respectful audience, completely enthralled. Anyway, Les Mis. Wow. It broke me. Completely broke me. I cried. I wept! I sobbed! I worried about how red and blotchy my face would be when I got out into the daylight. I've never really fancied going to see it at the theatre before, and I didn't even know what it was about really. I'll admit, I've probably always let the title put me off. But crikey! I loved it! I found the 'sing-every-line-even-the-ones-that-should-really-be-a-talking-part' a bit strange to get used to, but I did get used to it, and then it seemed odd when there were a few (albeit brief) spoken words. I don't like Russell Crowe, in anything, so he was never going to win me over in this. Hugh Jackman is great, I thought Anne Hathaway was brilliant and I kind of missed her for most of the film, and I really enjoyed the bits with Eddie Redmayne and his mates. Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter were fantastic at providing a bit of light relief! All in all I was very impressed. Loved it!

On Wednesday night, Chris made me a Victoria sponge for my birthday, as is tradition (I made him one for his too, didn't want him to think getting the cupcakes was a cop-out).

23rd Jan (I forgot to take a photo on the 22nd)
We didn't tuck in until Thursday. It's all gone now.

My main birthday present was this:

24th Jan
My new compact digital camera, a Samsung ST200F. My phone (which is also a Samsung) has got a good camera on it, but I find it a bit awkward to hold. My other camera is a big Canon DSLR which is a fantastic piece of kit, but very bulky for your everyday kind of photography. I just wanted something I can slip in my pocket or handbag which will take decent photos. And this is it. I'm still getting the hang of it, I haven't really played around with all the different functions; in fact, I'll probably never use some of them, but so far I'm very pleased with it. It's a nice size and it takes good photos, or it would do if the photographer was any good!

We had another final flourish of snow overnight - several inches fell, but it's starting to thaw very quickly today, and I think rain is forecast for the rest of the weekend.

25th Jan
Taken last night, with new camera! It had just started snowing maybe an hour earlier...

26th Jan
We were up quite early this morning, so we decided to go for a walk, from our house. We live in a fairly built-up area, so most of it was just walking along the streets, and then Chris suggested a bit of a shortcut through an industrial estate. It was a bit slushy and mucky with all the lorries trundling past - not quite the wintry walk I'd had in mind! But eventually we turned off the estate onto this lane, which was lovely and quiet. The sun was shining on the trees, thawing the snow which was dripping as though we'd just had a downpour of rain. Walking along here was lovely, and it brought us back a couple of streets away from home. We were back here for about 10am; I hadn't taken notice of the time when we left so I was quite surprised to see it was still fairly early.

So there we are - another birthday has been and gone.

I think I've finished my latest bit of crochet, but I'm debating whether to have a go at blocking it. I don't have enough pins though! So probably no photo of that just yet. It does mean that I can get on with my next project, which I think is going to be another blanket for the bed, but this time with granny squares (or some kind of variation on that theme) so I can judge the width/length of it better and try and get a full-size blanket. Exciting!!

Bye for now...
[Edit] I'm back, because I wanted to show you this which you'll enjoy if you like cats. I think I might watch it on repeat forever.

I also wanted to share with you my Spam Email Subject Title Of The Week... wait for it... "Hemorrhoid No More"

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  1. A belated Happy Birthday to you! I hope you're enjoying using your new camera. Mine's not been working properly for over a year now and now I've got a black blob on the lens that I can't seem to remove (it's on the bottom right corner, I can crop it out from the photos but it's a pain), a new camera sounds a good birthday idea.
    I want to go and see Les Mis now after your review!


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