Sunday, 13 January 2013

Finally Finished: Ripple Blanket

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I've finally finished my ripple blanket. I've really enjoyed making it - it's a nice easy pattern, it's very therapeutic, I was happy with the colours and yarn that I chose - overall it's been a very pleasant project to work on. I never felt bored with it, although as 'the end' approached, I found that I was feeling quite excited to finish it, so that I could start something else.

I don't think I'm very good at the big 'ta-dah' blog post, and you've already seen a few sneaky peeks over the last few months, so I'll just get on with it, shall I?

As you can see, it's ended up not quite big enough to cover the bed, as was the original plan. If you remember, I started again because my first attempt was just over 9 feet wide! For the second try, I measured the foundation chain so that it was just the right width to cover the bed, with a bit of overhang. However, once you start your ripples, it obviously 'springs back' a bit and tightens up, so lesson learned there. If I make another ripple blanket and I want it to be a certain width, allow a bit extra. But not an extra four feet, like the first time!

I didn't really have any trouble with making my ripply ends straight, I was surprised at how smoothly that went actually. I did have quite a long debate with myself about what colours to use for the border, and although I'm happy with the ones I chose, I think I could've easily chosen two or three different ones and been just as pleased with them. I did bodge the corners a little bit, but I think they look ok, and then I finished it with a shell edging.

All the time I've been making it, Mischief has been desperate to get on it; he'd creep onto my lap and start 'kneading' on all the lovely yarny squishiness, but I'd have to gently shoo him away. When taking the photos earlier, I finally relented and let the cats go on it - Millie decided to be awkward and stand at the edge, but Mischief couldn't believe his luck!

So there you have it - a finally finished ripple!!

Just a few facts and figures:
Originally started in October 2011(!), but frogged on the 15th July 2012. Started Ripple V.2 the same day, and finished 12th Jan 2013.
Hook: 4.5mm
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK in the following colours, repeated three times in total (but one extra row of turquoise to start and finish on same colour):-
2. Fondant
3. Aspen
4. Plum
5. Sunshine
6. Bright Pink
7. Pale Rose
8. Aster
9. Royal
10. Spring Green
11. Shrimp
12. Pomegranate
13. Magenta
14. Green
15. Candyfloss
16. Clematis
17. Cloud Blue
18. Meadow
19. Raspberry
20. Saffron
Border: Turquoise, Saffron and Fondant, then turquoise shell edging.
My favourite colour combination: Shrimp, pomegranate and magenta

The big question now is - what on earth shall I make next??!! I seemed to think of loads of things I wanted to try while I was making this, but I didn't write them down and now I can't remember. I think I'd like to make a matching hat and scarf, but by the time I've done that it'll probably be summer! Chris wants me to make another blanket for the bed - I'm tempted, but this time I think I'd do granny squares and I'd probably join them all up at the end. I've thought about cushion covers, but Chris thinks we've got too many cushions, and I'm hoping to get a new suite this year, in which case we'll probably get rid of some of the cushions, so I might as well wait and see what we end up with. So if you have any suggestions for what I could have a go at next, I'd love to hear them!

On the other hand, perhaps I should have a break from crochet, and get on with reading some of my book mountain...

Anyway, Sunday dinner is almost ready so I better go.

Bye for now!

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