Monday, 21 January 2013

I Spoke Too Soon...

... It snowed last night. Quite a lot.

The cars this morning

White trees

I think I'll make this my photo of the day for the 21st Jan!

More white trees

I couldn't get my car off the drive this morning, it was getting stuck on a bit of a wedge of snow. So I got out, thinking I might be able to just scoop it away with my foot. I stood in a deep mound of snow at the side of the car, and did what felt like a fairly graceful, slow-motion fall (but in reality was probably a quick crumple) and kind of ended up down on one knee at the side of the car. I will say, falling into snow is definitely a soft landing! I got up, swearing under my breath and brushing the snow off my trousers, and then turned off the car engine and went back in the house to tell Chris I was stuck. I thought he was going to come out with a shovel and move the snow, but instead he took my keys and moved my car onto the road, making it look very easy. You know that feeling you get when you spend ages trying to open a jar, and then someone else has a go and they do it straight away? And you stand there thinking, "humph, I must've loosened it for you"? I felt a bit like that!

Anyway, once I was on the road I was ok, although I had a couple of slightly hairy moments when I stopped but the car kept going! And the main road was really bad. It's a bus route and is usually gritted, and we always think, oh I'll be ok once I get onto the main road. Not this morning though. So it was a very slow and steady drive to work, but I got there, and even more importantly, I got home again!

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