Sunday, 20 January 2013

It's snow joke...

Well, we've not seen too much of the white stuff here in our little corner of West Yorkshire, but I know other parts of the country are literally snowed under - if that's you, I hope you're managing ok with it all.

I've been trying to do my photo-a-day thing, but alas, I only made it to the 18th Jan before failing to take a pic on the 19th!! I don't know, it was just one of those not very interesting days. I was in the house all day doing the washing, and only went outside a few times to the dryer in the garage. In between that, I was working on my latest crochet project, but I don't want to take any photos of that until it's finished. So, as before, I was feeling a bit unimaginative I guess, and I just didn't get around to taking a photo on Saturday.

To make up for missing one, I'm slipping in a few extra ones for the other days!

15th Jan
16th Jan
The white frosty trees - the photo doesn't really show it as well as I'd have liked...

17th Jan
Another cold morning, just about to set off to work after de-icing the car...

18th Jan
I don't think it shows very well, but the snow was so sparkly on our patio...

And since I missed out yesterday, here are a few extra bonus 'action' shots of the welcome return (by me, but not Chris) of a garden visitor

20th Jan

I can't say I'm looking forwards to getting to work this week, but I shouldn't complain really as I know we haven't got it anywhere near as bad as some places. I'm lucky too that I'm only working three days this week - I've got Thursday and Friday as annual leave, because it's my birthday on Thursday. I'm trying to decide whether to go and see Les Miserables at the cinema - Chris has said he'll treat me if I want to go. Have you seen it, and if so, would you recommend it?


  1. Hi Michelle, went to see les mis yesterday and yes definitely worth a watch - take tissues if you are prone to emotional eye watering (I'm completely hopeless these days!). Russell Crowe was a bit irritating for me but overall, dramatic, beautifully filmed and kept me watching for the whole 2hrs 45!! x

    1. Ooh, I think I could be persuaded! I'll definitely make sure I've got some tissues, cos I cry at everything! The last film we went to see was The Hobbit and I was surreptitiously trying to wipe the tears away several times! xx


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