Saturday, 12 January 2013

Lacking Imagination...

Hmm, I must admit, I'm finding this 'take a photo every day' idea a bit tricky at times! I think I'm probably just not trying hard enough - I need to really look for things, see past all the obvious stuff, I guess.

But for now, here's the next couple of (not very imaginative) pics:

10th Jan
Thursday evening, and one of my favourite programmes is back on tv. I missed Harry though, and the new guy hasn't grown on me yet, although I think he will. I still have a bit of a girl-crush on Emilia Fox too...

11th Jan
 Mischief relaxing. I did say there would be lots of photos of the cats, when I was stuck for inspiration!! Not that you can ever have too many cat photos, in my opinion!!

* * *


Sorry for shouting, I'm just a little bit excited! I need to take some photos, so I will hopefully be back soon for my Ta-Dah moment!!

Bye for now!

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