Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

Yeah, I probably should've taken a photo before we'd scoffed one of them...

The other one was nice too.

The title of this blog has never been more true... at least, it would be if it was called 'The Diet Starts The Day After Tomorrow', because I'm going to have to drastically cut down on my chocolate intake from Tuesday, when I go back to work.

Hope you're having a good Easter, however you choose to celebrate it.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Just Leave It To Me...

We've had the week off work, and as I suspect most people do, we've waited for this week to get a few jobs done around the house. I can't remember if I mentioned that we'd had fitted wardrobes installed in the bedroom last year (sliding mirror doors), but we decided that we really liked them, so we'd have them in the second bedroom too. However, Chris decided, after watching the chap who fitted the first ones, that it looked easy enough, so he'd fit the second ones himself.

We were messed around by the delivery firm, who only deliver in the North of England on every other Friday (I kid you not!), so eventually he had to go and pick the wardrobe doors up himself from the store at the start of the week, but he eventually made a start on building the framework onto which he'd fix the tracks for the doors.

The reason I was prompted to post about this, is because it seems that whenever Chris says that he is going to do some kind of DIY project in the house, I can usually guarantee that within about ten minutes of him starting it I'll hear "Michelle, can you come here and hold this ruler for me?" or "Michelle, can you do me a favour and pass me that screwdriver" or "Michelle, will you go out to the garage and look for a small hammer with a yellow handle please"... You get the idea?? The man who fitted the first wardrobes did them all by himself. My mum had some fitted around the same time, and the bloke who did hers didn't ask for help either. I know it's not quite the same thing, but when I'm doing the washing and the ironing, I'm not constantly shouting "Chris, will you bring me that washing basket?" or "Chris, will you fetch me some coathangers?"

It reminded me of this brilliant excerpt from Three Men In A Boat by Jerome K Jerome

I think I have the 1982 paperback edition from Penguin Books

 which still makes me laugh every time I read it. I've taken a photo of each page, so I hope you can read them - you might be able to click on the photos to make them bigger.

Read up to the red asterisk
Yes, at times he does remind me a bit of Uncle Podger!

I'm saying all this a bit tongue-in-cheek; to be fair to Chris, he's done a really good job so far with the wardrobe doors, he'd got them up within just a few hours. And he didn't really ask for my help at all. Well, maybe just once or twice. He's still got to finish off the outer frame, and inside we're just having loads of shelves for storage. I can't wait till they're done so that we can start putting things away. We've also recently decided to do away with our 'computer room' - we've both got laptops now and tend to sit in the living room, and the desktop computers had become a bit redundant. So we've emptied everything out of that room and on Monday we had it re-plastered. Once it's been repainted it will probably be used for storage too, we haven't quite decided yet.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

I've Already Used...

"It's Snow Joke" as a title before, so I guess I'd better not use it again. Just in case my blog is your only source of weather news (ha!) I thought I'd let you know that yes, it has been snowing here in our little corner of West Yorkshire.

Someone has braved the road, but it wasn't us

The garden, complete with snowdrifts!


I hope my hyacinths are ok under there...

... and the daffs. I like how the snow has dripped through the holes in the table on the left...

Today the thaw has started...

the garden is reappearing, but it will take a while for that snowdrift to melt

Yes, we had heavy snow on Friday and overnight into Saturday, and it continued to snow for most of the day, although it was very fine, more like sleet. Today the sun has been out, and at times it was so bright that it hurt to look at the snow, but it does seem to have helped with the thaw. Having said that, I think more snow is forecast overnight again, although I don't think it's expected to amount to much, not here at least. We went for a drive over towards Selby this afternoon, and we were surprised at how little snow there seemed to be over there - I don't know why, but we just assumed that they would've had it worse than us.

Oh well, we've both got this week off work, so if we get any more snow, at least I don't have to worry about struggling through it at 6am!!

* * *

Guess how much crochet I've done recently? I'll tell you. Exactly this much - "           ". Yep, none. I was making squares, for another blanket, and I was really excited when I started, but then I had a little crisis of confidence because I wasn't sure if I was doing them right, and I'd already made about 11 at this point. I didn't know whether to carry on doing them how I'd been doing them, because even if they were wrong, at least they'd be consistently wrong. Or whether I should abandon those 11 and start again. Or keep those 11 and then carry on doing them in what I think is the correct way, and hope that when they're all joined together you won't be able to tell the difference, and it's only a blanket anyway that's going to get chucked about on the bed and slept on by two cats, one of whom will probably throw up on it, because that's what he does. I actually went for the latter option and I think I've made somewhere in the 20's now, but I still had niggling doubts about them. Plus other stuff has been happening which has kind of taken me away from it. Maybe I'll get back into it this week while I'm off work...

* * *

I also haven't been very successful with reading so far this year. I can't remember if I made any 'non-resolutions' about reading a certain number of books in 2013, but I know I definitely wanted to read something - my bookshelves are heaving!! So a few days ago I thought, right, how hard can it be to read 12 books this year, that's only one per month!? I know I've missed a couple of months already but still, I should be able to catch up no problem. So I pulled out 12 books, fairly randomly, and my aim is to read them all before the 31st December. I mean, that should be a doddle, shouldn't it? And obviously if I do read them all, then I might pull out another 12 and do the same thing. Or I might just think, ok, read as many as you want for the rest of the year. I'm going to list them on my 'Books I've Read' page, and I may even attempt a review of sorts, although my reviews are embarrassingly poor so, um, maybe I won't.

* * *

Have you ever had a meal that is so tasty, you can't wait to eat it, but at the same time, you almost don't want to eat it because you don't want it to ever end??

heaven on a plate!

This is the third time we've had this in less than a week - it's nothing fancy, just chicken and mushroom pasta with a creamy sauce, and we chucked a few peas in to pretend we were being healthy. But oh my, it's yummy, I could eat it every night of the week!

Speaking of food, we've 'let our tea go down' now, so Chris is just about to make dessert - treacle sponge pudding. I shouldn't really. But I will. Because I have the willpower of something which has no willpower at all...

Bye for now!!

Funny Shop Name Of The Week

As usual, I failed to get a photo because I only spotted it as we were driving past, so you'll have to use your imagination...

A tanning shop called
Must Tan Sally's...


Sunday, 3 March 2013

How did this happen??

I have never watched The X Factor. I don't like to use the word 'hate', so let's just say that I dislike it intensely. Don't like Simon Cowell, don't like the other judges, don't like the format, don't like all the sob stories etc etc.

I do have to admit that I watched Popstars, which was kind of the 'original' singing reality show of recent times, although it was actually classed as a documentary, and there was no public voting or anything like that. That was the one which Hear'say won, and Liberty X lost. I also watched Popstars: The Rivals (Girls Aloud v One True Voice), and Pop Idol (won by Will Young). I may have even watched series 2 of Pop Idol (won by Michelle McManus, if you remember).

That must've been the beginning of the end though, because when The X Factor started, I just wasn't interested any more, and I've never watched it (unless accidentally, while flicking channels), preferring to watch Strictly on 'the other side'.

My dislike of it was compounded in series 5 (I'm consulting the oracle that is Wikipedia, by the way) when the winner, Alexandra Burke, massacred the hauntingly beautiful Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (and covered by Jeff Buckley in what Cohen himself considers to be the 'definitive version'). To be fair, if I wasn't a Cohen/Buckley fan, I probably would've thought she'd done an alright job. But I'm biased. So she didn't. I'm proud to say I was one of the 600,000 or so people who downloaded Jeff Buckley's version to try and knock the Burke off the Christmas Number One, but unfortunately (but also, amazingly) we only got him to Number 2.

No, I was not impressed that such a song had been tainted by The X Factor, and the following year I believe I also downloaded Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine which did succeed in displacing the winner from the Christmas Number One. And again, at the end of the next series, I downloaded When We Collide by Biffy Clyro, instead of Matt Cardle. Just to prove a point.

So, imagine my surprise when, it must've been back in 2011 judging by the release date, I just happened across the following video on a music channel. Hmph, it's that bloke that won The X Factor, it must be rubbish... Hmm, actually it's not bad... And he's kinda cute... Ooh, I love a bit of falsetto!!... Oh wow, I really like this!...

And there began a niggling little obsession with Matt Cardle, X Factor winner.

I think I downloaded that track, but that was all.

Skip forwards to 2012, and a new single from a new album. There's that falsetto again...


Yes please.

And as for this one...?

Is it just me, or has it got warm in here??

So, um, yes, I'm a bit late to the party, but I have to admit *stands up and addresses the group* "My name's Michelle and I like someone who was on The X Factor". There. I've said it.

Mind you, I don't think they've got anything to do with his success, other than just bringing him to the public's attention on the show. I like to think that he'd have made it anyway, even if he hadn't won, because I do think he's very talented, and far superior to most of the other contestants.

But I am biased, obviously.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Just a quick visit...

Well. My 'take a photo every day' idea pretty much died a death around about the 28th January. I got a cold, felt rubbish for a few days, like you do, and not really in the mood for taking photos. And then I just never got back into it, even with a lovely new camera.

I don't have much to report really, although I feel like I've been quite busy over the last few weeks. I suppose it's just the usual day to day stuff that happens, but you don't necessarily want to blog about it...

The last crochet project that I mentioned here was a Japanese flower scarf. I was quite excited at the prospect of making one of these, but by the end I'd fallen out of love with it, and I haven't worn it. I've even considered giving it away. Anyway, as I only had the four balls of yarn, I wasn't sure how far I'd get with them, and I wanted the scarf to be a good length. So I decided to just do one long row rather than a more 'shawly' type. In the pattern that I was using, you join the flowers as you go along; I don't know if you can make them individually and then join them at the end; it might be a bit fiddly but at least you'd be able to plan the size/length etc a bit better. In hindsight, doing one long row wasn't a great idea, as the flowers are only joined with a couple of stitches so it kind of looked a bit stretched, I think the 'shawl' style gives it all a bit more support.

Not a great photo, but you get the idea...

I wondered afterwards if I could strengthen it by doing a kind of border around it, so I found a pinkish colour that I thought would match. At this point I was kind of fed up with it though, so it was a bit of an effort to keep going.

Even worse photo!
You can see the pink edge here. I made it up as I went along, and although I tried to make sure that I wasn't putting in lots of extra stitches, you can see how it's made the flowers go quite curly. I've since blocked it (no photo though) and it did flatten out a bit, but like I said, I'd lost all my enthusiasm for it by this point. Originally I was thinking of using the yarn to make something like a granny square scarf, but then I decided to do something different. I wish I'd stuck to the squares!

I've made a start on making the squares for the new bed blanket, but I've come to a bit of a standstill with that too. I bought a nice new bag to keep my current project in though, I'll have to take a photo and show you next time.

Anyway, I'm sick of seeing those snowy pictures on my last post, so here's a nice sunny-blue-sky one from today. Despite the sun and the breeze, it was still very cold, and most of my washing has had to go into the dryer to finish off!

Bye for now!

Edit: Ooh, I'm back, I've just remembered to tell you about the Pay It Forward Giveaway over on  Bunny Mummy's blog. You've probably seen it already, but just in case you haven't, I thought I'd mention it - you can read all about it here. I've actually posted in the comments that I'd like to be included - it's the first time I've ever done that. I've seen lots of lovely giveaways and swaps, and been tempted to take part, but I've always been put off by the fact that (with most of them, at least) you're expected to put something hand-made in there, and I don't think anything I make is good enough!! I really should practice something, shouldn't I, just in case? I must admit, if I'm lucky enough to win Jacquie's PIF, I'd love to receive the bumble bee pin so that I could give it to Chris - I think the beekeeper in him would like it very much!
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