Sunday, 3 March 2013

How did this happen??

I have never watched The X Factor. I don't like to use the word 'hate', so let's just say that I dislike it intensely. Don't like Simon Cowell, don't like the other judges, don't like the format, don't like all the sob stories etc etc.

I do have to admit that I watched Popstars, which was kind of the 'original' singing reality show of recent times, although it was actually classed as a documentary, and there was no public voting or anything like that. That was the one which Hear'say won, and Liberty X lost. I also watched Popstars: The Rivals (Girls Aloud v One True Voice), and Pop Idol (won by Will Young). I may have even watched series 2 of Pop Idol (won by Michelle McManus, if you remember).

That must've been the beginning of the end though, because when The X Factor started, I just wasn't interested any more, and I've never watched it (unless accidentally, while flicking channels), preferring to watch Strictly on 'the other side'.

My dislike of it was compounded in series 5 (I'm consulting the oracle that is Wikipedia, by the way) when the winner, Alexandra Burke, massacred the hauntingly beautiful Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (and covered by Jeff Buckley in what Cohen himself considers to be the 'definitive version'). To be fair, if I wasn't a Cohen/Buckley fan, I probably would've thought she'd done an alright job. But I'm biased. So she didn't. I'm proud to say I was one of the 600,000 or so people who downloaded Jeff Buckley's version to try and knock the Burke off the Christmas Number One, but unfortunately (but also, amazingly) we only got him to Number 2.

No, I was not impressed that such a song had been tainted by The X Factor, and the following year I believe I also downloaded Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine which did succeed in displacing the winner from the Christmas Number One. And again, at the end of the next series, I downloaded When We Collide by Biffy Clyro, instead of Matt Cardle. Just to prove a point.

So, imagine my surprise when, it must've been back in 2011 judging by the release date, I just happened across the following video on a music channel. Hmph, it's that bloke that won The X Factor, it must be rubbish... Hmm, actually it's not bad... And he's kinda cute... Ooh, I love a bit of falsetto!!... Oh wow, I really like this!...

And there began a niggling little obsession with Matt Cardle, X Factor winner.

I think I downloaded that track, but that was all.

Skip forwards to 2012, and a new single from a new album. There's that falsetto again...


Yes please.

And as for this one...?

Is it just me, or has it got warm in here??

So, um, yes, I'm a bit late to the party, but I have to admit *stands up and addresses the group* "My name's Michelle and I like someone who was on The X Factor". There. I've said it.

Mind you, I don't think they've got anything to do with his success, other than just bringing him to the public's attention on the show. I like to think that he'd have made it anyway, even if he hadn't won, because I do think he's very talented, and far superior to most of the other contestants.

But I am biased, obviously.

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