Saturday, 30 March 2013

Just Leave It To Me...

We've had the week off work, and as I suspect most people do, we've waited for this week to get a few jobs done around the house. I can't remember if I mentioned that we'd had fitted wardrobes installed in the bedroom last year (sliding mirror doors), but we decided that we really liked them, so we'd have them in the second bedroom too. However, Chris decided, after watching the chap who fitted the first ones, that it looked easy enough, so he'd fit the second ones himself.

We were messed around by the delivery firm, who only deliver in the North of England on every other Friday (I kid you not!), so eventually he had to go and pick the wardrobe doors up himself from the store at the start of the week, but he eventually made a start on building the framework onto which he'd fix the tracks for the doors.

The reason I was prompted to post about this, is because it seems that whenever Chris says that he is going to do some kind of DIY project in the house, I can usually guarantee that within about ten minutes of him starting it I'll hear "Michelle, can you come here and hold this ruler for me?" or "Michelle, can you do me a favour and pass me that screwdriver" or "Michelle, will you go out to the garage and look for a small hammer with a yellow handle please"... You get the idea?? The man who fitted the first wardrobes did them all by himself. My mum had some fitted around the same time, and the bloke who did hers didn't ask for help either. I know it's not quite the same thing, but when I'm doing the washing and the ironing, I'm not constantly shouting "Chris, will you bring me that washing basket?" or "Chris, will you fetch me some coathangers?"

It reminded me of this brilliant excerpt from Three Men In A Boat by Jerome K Jerome

I think I have the 1982 paperback edition from Penguin Books

 which still makes me laugh every time I read it. I've taken a photo of each page, so I hope you can read them - you might be able to click on the photos to make them bigger.

Read up to the red asterisk
Yes, at times he does remind me a bit of Uncle Podger!

I'm saying all this a bit tongue-in-cheek; to be fair to Chris, he's done a really good job so far with the wardrobe doors, he'd got them up within just a few hours. And he didn't really ask for my help at all. Well, maybe just once or twice. He's still got to finish off the outer frame, and inside we're just having loads of shelves for storage. I can't wait till they're done so that we can start putting things away. We've also recently decided to do away with our 'computer room' - we've both got laptops now and tend to sit in the living room, and the desktop computers had become a bit redundant. So we've emptied everything out of that room and on Monday we had it re-plastered. Once it's been repainted it will probably be used for storage too, we haven't quite decided yet.

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