Saturday, 2 March 2013

Just a quick visit...

Well. My 'take a photo every day' idea pretty much died a death around about the 28th January. I got a cold, felt rubbish for a few days, like you do, and not really in the mood for taking photos. And then I just never got back into it, even with a lovely new camera.

I don't have much to report really, although I feel like I've been quite busy over the last few weeks. I suppose it's just the usual day to day stuff that happens, but you don't necessarily want to blog about it...

The last crochet project that I mentioned here was a Japanese flower scarf. I was quite excited at the prospect of making one of these, but by the end I'd fallen out of love with it, and I haven't worn it. I've even considered giving it away. Anyway, as I only had the four balls of yarn, I wasn't sure how far I'd get with them, and I wanted the scarf to be a good length. So I decided to just do one long row rather than a more 'shawly' type. In the pattern that I was using, you join the flowers as you go along; I don't know if you can make them individually and then join them at the end; it might be a bit fiddly but at least you'd be able to plan the size/length etc a bit better. In hindsight, doing one long row wasn't a great idea, as the flowers are only joined with a couple of stitches so it kind of looked a bit stretched, I think the 'shawl' style gives it all a bit more support.

Not a great photo, but you get the idea...

I wondered afterwards if I could strengthen it by doing a kind of border around it, so I found a pinkish colour that I thought would match. At this point I was kind of fed up with it though, so it was a bit of an effort to keep going.

Even worse photo!
You can see the pink edge here. I made it up as I went along, and although I tried to make sure that I wasn't putting in lots of extra stitches, you can see how it's made the flowers go quite curly. I've since blocked it (no photo though) and it did flatten out a bit, but like I said, I'd lost all my enthusiasm for it by this point. Originally I was thinking of using the yarn to make something like a granny square scarf, but then I decided to do something different. I wish I'd stuck to the squares!

I've made a start on making the squares for the new bed blanket, but I've come to a bit of a standstill with that too. I bought a nice new bag to keep my current project in though, I'll have to take a photo and show you next time.

Anyway, I'm sick of seeing those snowy pictures on my last post, so here's a nice sunny-blue-sky one from today. Despite the sun and the breeze, it was still very cold, and most of my washing has had to go into the dryer to finish off!

Bye for now!

Edit: Ooh, I'm back, I've just remembered to tell you about the Pay It Forward Giveaway over on  Bunny Mummy's blog. You've probably seen it already, but just in case you haven't, I thought I'd mention it - you can read all about it here. I've actually posted in the comments that I'd like to be included - it's the first time I've ever done that. I've seen lots of lovely giveaways and swaps, and been tempted to take part, but I've always been put off by the fact that (with most of them, at least) you're expected to put something hand-made in there, and I don't think anything I make is good enough!! I really should practice something, shouldn't I, just in case? I must admit, if I'm lucky enough to win Jacquie's PIF, I'd love to receive the bumble bee pin so that I could give it to Chris - I think the beekeeper in him would like it very much!

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