Sunday, 14 April 2013

Good Ol' Mary Berry!

I was feeling a bit down earlier. Not sure why, just suddenly had an overwhelming feeling of sadness and needing a good cry. Recent events (which I haven't blogged about) catching up with me, I think. So I had a bit of a sob, and then I had a cuddle with the cats (makes everything better, even when Millie nibbles my fingers) and then I decided I wanted to do some baking. Nothing difficult though. So I pulled out our 'Ultimate Cake Book' by Mary Berry and just thought I'd rustle up a few Fairy Cakes.

You see that one on it's own on the right?
Quality Control ;-)

If you're wondering about the 'brown bits', I chucked a load of chocolate chips in. Can't decide whether to ice them or not. I would do normally but I don't know whether to just save myself the bother this time...

While I was waiting to take them out of the oven, I spotted a black cat in the garden. Chris was out there having a tidy up in the garage so I thought the cat would do a runner when it saw him, but it turns out it's quite friendly.

Chris even gave it a fuss, although he doesn't usually like to encourage them

It's almost the spitting image of Mischief!

It did the obligatory 'roll on the back for a belly tickle' and I noticed that it's belly fur was really curly - so cute!

Not a great photo, but I think you can just see it...

But we won't be encouraging him though. Nope. No Sirree. Although, you know, if I see him again... well, I'll have to say hello, won't I?... It would be rude not to...


  1. Those cakes look yummy. Sorry to hear you're having sad times, hope things pick up soon x

  2. Sorry to hear you've been feeling a bit sad, but a good cry can work wonders sometimes. The Fairy Cakes look delicious, I must resist as I'm trying to lose a few pounds.


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