Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holidays and Baking

Hello! Hope you've had a good bank holiday (if you're in the UK) and are enjoying that weird yellow thing in the sky, whatever the heck that is!!

I got a cold just in time for the bank holiday. Yep. Thanks for that, germs... We were going to go out on Saturday, but I felt a bit 'bleugh' so we didn't. I was feeling better today though, so off we went for a jaunt. First to Knaresborough, where I tried to take some photos on my phone, but the sun was so bright I actually couldn't see the screen, so it was all guess work. On some of the buildings, if you look up, there are windows painted onto the walls with various characters 'looking out'. I think there are quite a few dotted around, but these are the ones I spotted today:

Centre windows, second and third floors

Above the door

A bit difficult to spot, above the two front doors, to the left of the pub
Just done a quick search, that last picture apparently depicts Guy Fawkes (he's the one on the right).

From Knaresborough we went on to Otley, and sat in the market square eating a sausage roll, where once again I took completely blind photos:

Not too bad...

Hello fingertip, who invited you?

The purpose of the day was to trawl the charity shops - Knaresborough has a couple, Otley has loads of 'em, all in a row. We've been doing a bit of babysitting for friends of ours, so we thought we'd see if we could find any books, jigsaws and cars for a 3 year old. He's done well out of us, today. Can't wait to see his face when he sees all the new things we've got him!

There are some lovely views as you drive out of Otley, but these were taken on the move, and I've had to crop my finger out of the first one, and a lamp-post out of the other.

We came home from Otley, had refreshments and then went out again to a garden centre to buy some flowers to put around the edge of the pond. Last year I was really excited about the fact that we were going to get a new water feature, and then Chris dug it out, and it looked a bit 'meh' over winter, and the paving slabs around the edge of it wobbled when you walked on them, and I wasn't really excited about it any more. But Chris has sorted out the paving, and we've put a Marsh Marigold in (which came from the pond at my mum and dad's house, so glad we took it before mum moved out), plus half of the lily which was already in our half-barrel, and now that the Marsh Marigold is flowering the pond is generally looking a lot better and I'm happy again. And we've put these new flowers in around the edge of it which will hopefully spread and cover the ground and make it look even prettier. I haven't taken a photo though, but I might do another day.

* * *
In other news, I've got about five bags of dark muscovado sugar in the cupboard, so I've been baking an awful lot of brownie, and taking it to work so that me and Chris don't eat it all. Because we would, you know.

It is delicious, if I say so myself...

Bye for now...

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