Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Fort Augustus - Part One

Warning: photo-heavy post, mostly boats!

Today we headed off to Fort Augustus, at the southern end of Loch Ness. On the way there we had to cross the Caledonian Canal, and the swing bridge was open to allow some boats to pass through. We were right at the front, so we got out to take photos, like you do when you're a 'tourist'. Anyone would think we'd never seen a boat before!

A short while later, we arrived at Fort Augustus, and walked up to the point where the canal joins Loch Ness via a series of locks. There were a couple of boats making their way down through the lock system, and there were lots of people watching and taking photos, including us, so we didn't feel as bad about it this time! The two boats looked very similar to the two above, which we couldn't understand because they were headed the other way. After studying our photos though, we've realised they weren't the same boats, although perhaps they were from the same hire company.

I think this is the River Oich which runs alongside the canal

Looking the other way down the river

Looking up the locks

Another swing bridge opening...

Heading into Loch Ness

The swing bridge closing... I wish that woman in the red coat had got out of the way!
There were a few shops alongside the locks and there was that one... oh, what's it called? You know the one, that cute little Highland shop...

Unfortunately, it was closed...
Fort Augustus is also home to a Rare Breeds Croft, but I've decided to put that in another post, as I took a lot of photos there too.

I'll leave you with some more photos from the cottage

Gorgeous sunny afternoon in the garden

View from the bedroom over the loch

View from the other bedroom
Taken at around 9pm
Spider-watch: identical twin of Saturday's house-guest now lurking in bathroom, awaiting eviction. 

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