Monday, 17 June 2013

Fort William

Hello again!

Well, I took a while to get to sleep last night, because Mischief was being Mr Grumpypants and hissing and growling at Millie. He's started doing that a lot just lately (within the last two or three months). I don't really know what's set him off, although obviously I can understand him maybe feeling a bit unsettled here, even though he seems to be enjoying himself. I just feel sorry for Millie because she's a lot more timid, and it can't be helping her to relax when she keeps getting hissed at for no reason. So I was up keeping an eye on those two for a while, but when I eventually went to bed, I slept really well, it's very cosy and the duvet is so thick I could hardly move, it was like a dead weight!

I woke up when it was light, but I didn't have my watch nearby so I wasn't sure what time it was. I decided to get up then, and it turned out it was about 6.10am! Millie was up, so I decided it might be a good idea to bring her downstairs for a bit, while it was quiet. I had a bit of trouble again with Mr Grumpy, but eventually he went back upstairs, and she got chance to have a wander around the living room. She even came and sat on my lap for a cuddle and a belly-tickle. I'd carried her downstairs, but I wanted her to walk back up herself so that she knew the layout of the cottage, so after a while I guided her down the hallway, through the kitchen and back upstairs. I think she's been in bed ever since!

As I said, today we headed to Fort William. The day had started out quite overcast, but by the time we left the sun was just coming out, and it turned into another glorious day. As we drove along, I was surprised to see that there is still snow on the tops of the mountains, despite the sunshine and blue skies, but I suppose it's always cold at the top of there...

'scuse the satnav
I mentioned yesterday that we had to choose a different route to Scotland in order to avoid the Appleby Horse Fair. Well, on Friday we also found out that this weekend was Rockness, a music festival on the shores of Loch Ness. So far, that hasn't troubled us, but on the way up yesterday there were signs warning of delays on the A82 due to an 'event' - I googled it and it turns out that this weekend is the Mountain Bike World Cup, held at Fort William! What a week we've picked! Luckily we didn't encounter any delays, and we got parked up without any problems.

Even though I took my camera, I'm rubbish at remembering to take photos when I'm actually there. The only photo I took in Fort William was this one:

which I assume is the place you go to when you need an extra pair of hands...

By the time we left, after buying a few pressies and writing a couple of postcards, it was very very hot, so we decided to head back to the cottage.

We pottered about in the garden for a few hours, and then had a walk down to the loch, and the metal bridge which we have to cross to get to and from the cottage. I think I have a bit of a phobia about walking over bridges.

As you can see, it had clouded over quite a bit by this point, and there was a bit of a cool breeze coming off the water. It's still very pleasant down there though. Apart from the bridge.

The cottage does get a bit chilly on an evening, so we might even light the fire tonight. I've brought some crochet with me (a blanket-in-progress) so I might work on that for a bit too.

Spider-watch: reasonable-sized, very fast one on stairs, got it in a jug and threw out of front door. 

Back tomorrow!

Edited to add: at about 10.40pm I looked out of the living room window, and saw a shape in the garden. Before my eyes had adjusted to the dusk I thought there was someone standing there, then I realised it was something - two red deer! I think they saw me as they kind of trotted away into some rough ground on the other side of the fence. Chris went outside to take some photos - as I said, it was getting dark, but you can just make them out on here:

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