Saturday, 22 June 2013

Last Day

Sadly, today was the last day of our holiday. We wanted to go out somewhere today, but not too far, so we went to Spean Bridge. We've driven through it a few times this week, and have been umming and ahhing about whether to go into the Mill, so today we finally went in for a look around.

It was quite pleasant - a gift shop and a separate whisky section, a weaving exhibition (which was basically just a loom) and a cafe. I bought a few items in the gift shop, and then we went next door to the Highland Soap Company. I'd bought some soap as presents for people earlier in the week in Fort William, but realised I hadn't bought any for me, and I just felt like treating myself. So I did!

After Spean Bridge we carried on to Fort William, but when we got there we decided not to stay, and instead we went back to the Nevis Range area, as we were toying with the idea of going up Ben Nevis on the gondola ride. In the end, we didn't bother with that either. A bit further down the hill was a farm shop and a rural education centre so we called in there for a quick look around and I took a photo of Ben Nevis - at least, I think it is!

I think it's the one in the middle with the little bit of snow on it...
We started to make our way back to the cottage, just stopping at one last gift shop, which looked more promising than it turned out to be.

When we got back I took up my usual position in front of the living room window to see what birds I could photograph, and later I had a walk around outside with the camera too.

As much as I love the cheeky chaffinches, I commented that I wished there were some different birds, and they must have heard me!

The blackbird has been a few times already, but then I 'spotted' the Great Spotted Woodpecker which was exciting for me because I think it's only the second one I've ever seen in my life!

We haven't seen much in the way of buzzards this week, which is a bit of a surprise considering the location, but I think this was one which was circling almost directly above, although it was a very wide circle. At one point I think it was being chased away by a gull from the loch.

I'd got so used to seeing the chaffinches, blue tits and great tits on the feeders that I nearly assumed this was one of them, until I realised it was quite a lot yellower! According to the RSPB website, I think it's a siskin

And when I went outside with the camera I finally got the photos I'd been trying to get all week, by various methods. The very cute housemartins in their nest under the eaves

So that's that. The holiday has come to an end. I've done most of my packing, there are just a few things to gather up in the morning. I should really go to bed early and get a good nights' sleep, but on the other hand I want to stay up as late as I can to squeeze out every last bit of the holiday that I can before we have to go, do you know what I mean?

Maybe I should walk round the cottage making a list of things that we need to remember to pack in the morning?

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed reading about our little holiday in Scotland, I've certainly enjoyed writing about it!

Bye for now!

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