Sunday, 23 June 2013

Last Holiday Post (Warning: Spider photos!)

I just thought I'd fit in one more holiday post.

You may have noticed that I've been doing a spider-watch all week. You have to expect creepy-crawlies in an old property, and it was interesting to see what we were going to find each day.

First spider seen on the day we arrived

This morning in the early hours, around 3am, I was awoken by the cats clambering all over my bags, which I'd packed last night. I had a feeling that they were probably spider-hunting, and after a few minutes I had to get up to investigate. Mischief almost had his paws under one of my bags, and when I lifted it up I could vaguely see a small dark shape. It didn't get very far though, because Mischief ate it. Oops. But at least he saved me from the fate of finding a spider amongst my clothes when I unpacked them this afternoon!

Later, when I went to sit at my usual spot by the living room window, I was faced with this lovely sight

I'm not quite sure how Mischief (I'm assuming he was the culprit) managed to squash it - the usual technique is just to chase them and eat them. So that was a nice thing to clean up just as I was about to eat my breakfast!

Anyway, enough of the creepy-crawlies! It was an early start this morning to get everything packed up and loaded into the car, including two reluctant cats who were just starting to enjoy their new life in Scotland. I took some last minute photos of the cottage.

Goodbye living room!

Goodbye kitchen!

Goodbye dining room which we never used!

Goodbye bedroom!

Goodbye other bedroom!

We left at 7.40 - I drove from the cottage all the way to Luss on the banks of Loch Lomond where we stopped for a quick loo visit, and then we swapped over and Chris drove the rest of the way home. We arrived back here just after 3pm.

I always feel very down when we get back from holiday, mainly because I love Scotland so much - I want to live there! (I know I'm being slightly unrealistic because living and working there will be different to spending a lazy week on holiday, but still...). Having said that, it is nice to get back to your own home, and your own bed - I've had a banging headache all evening so I'm looking forwards to collapsing into bed shortly. The cats have settled back in very well, as though they've never been away.

Just before I go, I'll show you the little stash of goodies that I bought myself.

From the Highland Soap Company, I got two bars of soap - Wild Scottish Rose and Sweet Orange and Cinnamon; a Lavender and Tea Tree body wash; and four bath melts - Rosebud; Orange and Cinnamon; Lavender; and Sweet Orange. I just had the bag on my lap as I typed out the names and the smell is divine! There was so much to choose from in the shop I could've spent ages 'sniffing' everything, but Chris was waiting outside so I felt a bit rushed. I think they have an online shop though... ;-)

I also got a pair of slipper socks, and a pair of ordinary ones (plus a pair for Chris, because it was three items for £10!). I bought three fridge magnets, which is becoming a bit of a tradition for us when we go on holiday, but I didn't photograph them. I feel like I bought more than this during the week, but I suspect the rest of it was food (fudge, mainly) and has been eaten already!

Well, I think that really is it for the holiday blogging. Cup of coffee, paracetamols and bed for me, now!

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