Friday, 13 September 2013

"Blue and Green...

... should never be seen, without another colour in between..."

I've been thinking about this phrase lately, and a quick google tells me that it was originally an old Scottish phrase regarding clothing colours. I believe another version goes: "brown and blue will never do".

I guess nobody thought to tell Mother Nature though...



Millie Bobbingtons!!

The reason I was thinking about "blue and green should never be seen" is because of the colour choices in my latest finished blanket.

A few months ago, I bought some new bedding:

Wait, let me move the cat...

Look, life's too short to iron duvet covers, ok?
I found that I was quite drawn to these colours, so I decided to embark on a new blanket using the following yarn from my trusty Stylecraft Special DK collection:

Top row, left to right: Turquoise, Cream, Mocha, Aster
Bottom row, left to right: Spring Green, Cloud Blue, Meadow

I started the blanket in April 2013. Another ripple, but this time I thought I'd vary the number of rows in each colour. I didn't plan what order I'd work in, but I kind of wanted it to be mainly the blues and greens, with the mocha and cream just popping up now and again to break it up and add a bit of variety.

The reason I decided to make the blanket in the first place is a little bit embarrassing. I wanted to make a cot blanket for someone who was having a baby boy. I know it's old-fashioned to do the whole 'blue for a boy, pink for a girl' thing, and some people don't like it, but at the same time, I don't really know the person who was having the baby very well, and I didn't know her tastes, so I thought I'd play it safe and stick to blue tones. Unfortunately, I'm the slowest crocheter in the world, and she popped out Junior months ago when the blanket was nowhere near ready. I hadn't told her that I was making it, it would have been a total surprise, so in the end I, um, just decided to keep it for myself. I know, that's sounds awful, doesn't it? But when I said I don't know her well, I mean, I really don't, she's not a friend, colleague, acquaintance or anything like that. It actually might've been a bit weird to give it to her, considering that she's practically a stranger.

Anyway, I won't say any more about that, apart from the fact that I got my sizing a bit wrong and it came out a lot bigger than intended, so I'll just keep it as a kind of 'throw' on the sofa.

I know a lot of bloggers name their projects, and I've been thinking about a name for this one. Apropos of nothing much more than the fact that the colours kind of remind me of my beloved Scotland, and wanting something fairly short and snappy, I've decided to call this one...

... the Skye Blanket...

You're meant to think Highland lochs, rivers, moors, mountains etc

Look at our lovely plums! And gorgeous red gladioli! Oh, and the blanket too...

Ripple roll

So, facts and figures. Started 6th April 2013, finished at 15 minutes past midnight on the 5th September because I was damned if I was going to spend another day on it (just kidding, I enjoyed it really!). I used a 4.5mm hook with the aforementioned yarns. The foundation chain was approximately 90cm in length. I started and finished with Aster, and did a repeating pattern of  3, 1, 2, 1 rows. I chose the colours at random until I'd done 16 full ripples, and then started to repeat the colours in the same order, three times altogether. For the border, I think I did two rounds of mocha, and then two rounds of cream - the first one in trebles, and the second one in double crochet just to finish it off with a neat edge. I pondered about some kind of fancy finish, like picots, but then decided to just leave it plain, which I actually really like.

In fact, I'm really pleased with the finished product! It might've turned out a bit bigger than originally planned, and it might not have gone to the original intended recipient, but it's still a really nice-sized blanket which I'm sure will get plenty of use. And as for the colours, all I can say is...

... Mother Nature knows best!!


  1. Hi Michelle
    Just dropped by for a visit - such a lovely blanket - the colours work so well together.
    Kate x


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