Saturday, 12 October 2013

Strictly Come Dancing

Yes, I am watching Strictly this year, as always. I once blogged about it quite obsessively for a couple of years, but it's so time consuming, I can't be bothered any more. I'll probably just pop in now and again to comment on a really good dance. And speaking of which:

How absolutely brilliant was Sophie and Brendan's Charleston?? You'd never think it was a week two dance, would you? I loved her acting throughout, that kind of 'disinterested' expression (and I mean that in the nicest possible way). Everything about it just seemed to suit her.

I was glad that Tony left last week, I'm sorry but I just didn't like watching him. I get the feeling that Aliona probably didn't mind being voted off first. She's still taking part in all the pro-dances, so presumably she's still getting her paycheck?

I know that every year there's a debate over whether Strictly is a dance competition or an entertainment show - well, for me, I get entertained by someone dancing really well!! So although people like Dave Myers are quite funny to watch, I get bored with them very quickly. I just want to see really good dancing.

However, the good thing about the 'underdogs' is that it brings out the best in their professional partners (usually). I'm very impressed with Iveta (dancing with Mark Benton) and Karen (dancing with Dave Myers). They really try to give them good dances to do, and they've embraced their personalities and they seem to have great partnerships. Definitely the sign of a good professional.

Strictly is actually on now as I type, and I'm getting distracted, so I'm going to watch the rest of it!

Edited to add: Well, I wrote the above post near the beginning of the series, but it's now the 29th December and clearly I never made it back to add any more favourite videos! I watched the whole thing though, and I was happy with the outcome. I really liked Abbey. In fact, during the final I tweeted that I wanted Abbey to win, but I also wanted Kevin Clifton to win, and I also wanted Artem's choreography to win! So I would've been happy with any of the final three.

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