Saturday, 25 January 2014

A Birthday To Remember?

It was my birthday yesterday. 35 years young.

Last weekend, we happened to be driving past Nostell Priory.

"We should go for a walk round there one day," said I.

I think we once took Chris's nephew to a steam fair in the grounds a few years ago, but that's as close as I've been. Chris agreed, so I suggested that we go for my birthday, since we'd both got the day off work. A few minutes later, we drove past the Hepworth Gallery.

"We should go to the Hepworth, too," said I.
"We should," said Chris, "in fact, I'd prefer to go there instead of Nostell because it's free entry." (typical Chris response!).

"Ok then, we'll go to the Hepworth, and if the weather's ok, and we've still got time, we'll have a walk round Nostell too," said I.

Chris also asked me if I wanted to go for an evening meal for my birthday.

"Mmm, sounds good," said I.

Did we do any of those things on my birthday yesterday? No, we didn't, because I've been struck down by the lurgy, otherwise known as the common cold.

I have a very low tolerance threshold when it comes to having a cold. I am not a good patient. I feel incredibly sorry for myself, and I have the very annoying habit of telling anyone who'll listen how bad it is and at what stage my symptoms are at: God, my nose won't stop running! I sneeze, then I blow my nose, then I sneeze again! I've got that kind of scratchy tickly sore throat feeling! Anyone would think I'm the only person in the world who has ever had a cold.

So on my birthday, I opened my cards and my presents, and mostly sat on the sofa drinking honey in hot water, in between blowing my nose, sneezing and coughing. Chris thought he was coming down with something too, so neither of us felt like walking around an art gallery or a stately home, or anywhere else for that matter. And a nice meal out would've been wasted too. It's always a shame to be poorly on a day off from work, but I'd much rather be at home when I don't feel well. Luckily I've also booked Monday off as annual leave, so I've got an extra day to get over it. I think I'll be feeling a lot better by Tuesday.

Despite the lurgies, it was still a nice day because I did get some lovely presents. I'd asked Chris for some perfume - Bejeweled by Vera Wang (must be 'cause I'm obsessed with playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook!). I've only smelled it on one of those tester cards in the shop, so I hope I like it as much as I think I do (I'm a bit reluctant to open it until my cold has cleared up). I also asked him for a Nail Art Kit, as I'd like to get into doing more of that. I told my mum what I'd asked Chris to get me, and due to some kind of misunderstanding, she then went and bought me the exact same Nail Art Kit. She suggested taking one back and swapping it, but I said I don't mind keeping both, it just means I've got two of everything. I'm sure I'll probably make a few mistakes while I'm practicing, until I get the hang of it, so having extra is probably not a bad thing. Chris also bought me a UV light for drying gel nails, but I'm hoping it works on ordinary nail polish too. I think I need to do a bit of reading up on it all to be honest.

He also bought me a book of small, cute knitting patterns. He knows that I crochet, and I've said many times that I'm not into knitting, but he said he thought he'd just try it. I really never took to knitting, but since these are quite small patterns, I thought maybe I should have another go. I find the instructional drawings quite hard to follow sometimes, but if I really study it and start from the beginning, maybe it will become clearer to me.

I was going to take a photo of my pressies to show you, but we've just had such a downpour and howling winds, and it came over so dark, even though it was just after 2.00 in the afternoon. I took a photo out of the kitchen window - the sky actually looks lighter than it was - it felt like the end of the world!

the wind has just blown that garden chair upside down

It's still too dark and dismal to take any decent photos in the house.

Anyway, my stomach is growling so I'm going to go and get a bite to eat.

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  1. Awww poor you, how miserable to have a cold on your birthday! Still snuggling up in the warm on a cold grey day always sounds good to me. Hope you're feeling better soon x


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