Monday, 17 March 2014


A meander through Pinterest led me down the pastel route for this week's nails:

Do you like how I'm just casually holding a ball of yarn? I've been making cat blankets (just a granny square, keep going till I think it's big enough) out of my stash yarn, and while I was using this one today I noticed how similar the colours were to my nails. It wasn't planned that way, honest. So I thought, hey, photo opportunity!

I wrote down the colours of the polish but the list is upstairs, and I'm downstairs, so I'll have to do it from memory:

Thumb - 'Mary Mary Quite Contrary' by Rimmel (where do they get these names from?)
Index - 'Ariadne' - Salonniere by Jenny Packham, I think (it was in a box set of five, I think it's from Boots)
Middle - started out as 'Daydream' from the aforementioned Jenny Packham box set, but it was a really pale, see-through peachy colour which I wasn't keen on, so started again with a pink Barry M, I think 'Strawberry Ice-Cream'
Ring - 'Mint Green' by Barry M
Little - Barry M again, but the name escapes me.

I use a Collection2000 base coat and ridge filler, and a top coat called something like Double Duty, which I think is by Sally Hansen. God, I've got a memory like a sieve!

Anyhoo, there they are!


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