Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Very quickly...

... running out of titles for posts about my nail polish!

I wanted to take a photo of my nails every week (or every time I did something new, which so far has been weekly). But last week I failed miserably - I don't like to take a photo on the day that I do them, because I'm worried I'll smudge them whilst trying to operate my camera, so I prefer to wait until the next day, when they've had chance to dry. Didn't happen last week though, I just didn't get around to it, and after a few days they were starting to chip and it was too late. It's a shame, because it was a lovely colour - 'Mocha' Matt Effect by Barry M. I'll definitely use it again so hopefully I'll get a photo next time.

This week is another Barry M - 'Heather', and on the lid of the bottle it says Silk. I guess it's like paint where you have matte and silk emulsion, and then gloss - silk is somewhere in between matte and shiny. I've put a top coat on though, so it's basically just glossy. It's a lovely colour, but possibly a bit pale for me. Seems to be lasting quite well though.

I tried to take a photo like the ones you see on Pinterest / Google images, where the hand is casually holding the bottle of polish, whilst showing off the nails. My hand just looks deformed.

How about a bit of a close up?

Slightly better.

As you can see, it's just plain nail polish, no nail art. I do find it quite time consuming, having to wait for the polish to dry before adding more to the design, and I paint my nails at the weekend when I'm also doing laundry, housework etc. So if I'm pushed for time, I'll just be doing one colour, nothing fancy.

So they are this week's nails.

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