Monday, 26 May 2014

The Mandala Bandwagon...

... I've jumped on, have you?

I've seen a lot of crocheted mandalas whilst traveling the world wide web. I think they look amazing, but I've always thought, what do you do with it when it's finished?

I guess a lot of people display them, for example, under a vase, or as a centrepiece on a table. I don't really have many spare flat surfaces where I could put a mandala, and we can only have vases of flowers on the kitchen windowsill - anywhere else, the cats would try and eat them!

You can hang them on the wall, and I must admit, that thought has crossed my mind. It has potential.

Anyway, I'm sure you know by now that, following on from the success of the bunting at Yarndale 2013, Lucy from Attic24 has asked people to contribute mandalas this year. Only one per person, and as colourful as possible.

Who can forget the bunting?

You can read Lucy's blog post about what she's looking for here, including an FAQ. She's also linked to her very own mandala pattern, plus three more exclusively designed by Zelna Olivier from Zooty Owl.

I never got around to making any bunting last year, and I really regretted it, once I saw it all strung up around the auction mart. It would've been lovely to try and spot mine amongst the 6000+ triangles (ok, I know, needle in a haystack). So I was determined to join in this time. I had a look at various designs, but in the end chose Zelna's Sunny Flower Mini Mandala. I had a couple of issues with the pattern, but that was me being a bit thick rather than how it was written. In the end, it worked up really quickly, and I have to say, I'm really pleased with the result.

Honey Bee Mandala

As Chris is a beekeeper, I find I'm inspired by bees quite a lot these days! So I chose this pattern, because I realised I could make it look like lots of little yellow bees (with brown stripes and white wings) flying in the blue sky, around a pretty pink flower (ok, you have to use your imagination!)

So that's my contribution to Yarndale 2014. I need to get some PVA glue to paint the back of it, and then it will be winging it's way up to Skipton.

Check out all the mandalas that have been received so far on the Pinterest page. And be warned, as Lucy says, they are very addictive!! I really want to make more now!


  1. I haven't made a mandala, in fact, I've never followed a crochet pattern before. I wanted to go to Yarndale last year but it was the weekend that Daniel moved to university so I missed out, I'm hoping to go this year though, we'll see. Have you taken the plunge with a Filofax yet? I've just had one delivered for Eleanor for her birthday. She's been using a Domino but wanted a leather binder to start the sixth form with. I use an A5 red Chameleon for keeping my finances together and she liked the look of that but in a personal size, but they don't make them any more. I managed to find a brand new one on Ebay which someone was selling and it's come today so I'm sure she'll be very happy with that.

    1. This mandala pattern was really easy once I got into the swing of it, I just confused myself in a couple of places.

      Yarndale was really enjoyable last year, but I'd definitely recommend going with something in mind that you want to buy, otherwise the choice is a bit too overwhelming. I want to try and find a pattern for something, maybe an item of clothing for myself, and then buy the yarn from Yarndale. I went with my mum last year and afterwards we had a drive around some of the local villages, so it was a really nice day out (apart from having to phone the AA on the way home...)

      Filofax? Yes - next post! ;-) I hope Eleanor enjoys her new Chameleon - I wish I'd been so organised when I was in the 6th form!


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