Thursday, 11 September 2014


Junior is desperate to start walking. He cruises around the furniture - holding onto the back of the sofa, the top of his little head just visible, he carefully makes his way around the side, to the front, and then back again. We've actually seen him take two or three steps, unsupported, but these tend to be more down to momentum - he walks along the back of the sofa as normal and then carries on for a couple of paces, not realising that he's let go. And then he plops down onto his bottom and crawls to wherever he was going.

Tonight though, he started at the other side of the room, standing, holding onto a chair, and then he was off - seven steps, unsupported, until he reached the safety of the sofa! Chris and I were stunned - we looked at each other and said 'WOW' at the same time, and I must admit, I felt those happy tears making an appearance. And this was not long before bedtime, when he's (supposedly) tired. And wearing some pyjamas that are still a bit long for him, so the feet are a bit floppy at the end of his legs, but he still managed to walk! And it wasn't even wobbly walking - just for those few seconds he looked very sure-footed. It was wonderful! (And a bit scary, in a good way, to think that he's so close to being, officially, a 'toddler'!)

And in another first, I think I may have taught him his first word! Is it mama, you ask? No. Then it must be dada? No. It's 'cat'. Whenever Mischief is in the room (which is very often, he's steadfastly refusing to back down and be forced out of his living room, no matter how noisy it gets), I point to him and then look at Junior and say 'cat'. I can see that he's watching my mouth, and after I've said it a few times, he'll smile and giggle and kind of whisper something which sounds a bit like 'ca'. So I'm convinced.

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