Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

Chris has bought a couple of pumpkins recently, to practice carving them for Halloween.

I know they're supposed to look 'scary' once they have a candle inside, but this one looks like something out of a horror movie, even in the day time!

Hmm, think we need to try again...


  1. Ha ha. I like those with all the insides of the pumpkin spewing out of the mouth as if it's being sick. We've stopped carving pumpkins now that the kids have grown up, I'm such a misery, aren't I? You've got all the fun of it to come with Junior.

  2. I like those ones too, I did suggest it to Chris but he wanted to stick to the basic face. Unfortunately we didn't manage to buy any more pumpkins in time for today, and when he went to a couple of different shops they'd sold out, so the pumpkin carving will have to wait till next year now. Junior will enjoy it more when he's a bit older anyway. I don't think you're a misery for stopping, I think it definitely appeals more to younger children, which is why this is the first year that Chris has ever tried it.


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